Comrades workers and workers! If you are looking for financial assistance to attend training, Event, or a meeting of the ISTC-IWW, Sato Fund could help you! Please read the information below to determine if you are eligible Sato Fund. If yes, please contact us at [email protected] to start your application process! Note that all applications Saton Fund must be submitted at least 30 days before SITT-IWW event you attend.

The Fund Saton was created to commemorate the fellow worker Charlene "Charlie" Sato, a member and activist died in SITT-IWW 1996 following a long battle against cancer. As a teacher of Pidgin and Creole Studies at the University of Hawai'i, Charlie was often lead to claims of linguistic freedom in education and the public sphere for indigenous peoples.

Following his death, Sato Fund was established by the ISTC-IWW, with the original mandate "to help women with their travel costs to attend the General Assembly." The Union is proud to continue this tradition of promoting gender diversity in all our decisive and strategic meetings. We do this by helping workers comrades with their travel expenses (flights / train / bus, and fuel costs) to participate in these events.

The SITT-IWW recognizes that the designations of sexual and gendered identities are not always mutually compatible. By this we mean that e-worker or fellow worker to be assigned an e-birth sex (usually by a doctor-e-e or their parents), as masculine’ or 'female', but realizes that their sexual identification or gendered differs from their assigned sex. Therefore, our fellow worker or worker may choose to make a transition that allows them to update their true identity. She or he could do that by transforming their garments, their Behaviour, their way of life, or body.

Some people can identify with a different kind of standard that associated with their assigned sex (trans-genre), and the identity of others could match any kind of norm (nonconformist gender. All these people face the personal exclusion and the public in danger, at school, at work, in the family, and positions of power. Discrimination against them is known as transphobia.

likewise, for some comrades workers who are assigned sex female’ at birth and continue to identify themselves as women (cis-gendered women), the union recognizes the continued presence of inequalities in all aspects of our class. The domination by the cis-gendered men (Those assigned the male and who identify as men) social institutions, including government, at work, and family, is called sexism.

The SITT-IWW see sexism and transphobia as dams to the unity of the working class. As such, the Union must make significant efforts to eradicate such behavior within our organization if we really have to confront the power of the capitalist class. Sato Fund helps accomplish this by providing cis-gendered women, women and trans-gender man, and Mavericks comrades gender, financial assistance for travel, to increase their representation and participation across the Union.