This document was published in 1957; several questions that he answers us continue to be raised. We present here as a partial FAQ.

You ask questions : we are proud and proud to answer.

Published in English by Seattle Joint Branches.


Seattle, Washington 1957

Translated into French by Montreal Local


Montréal, Québec 2014

An increasing number of people asking questions about the Industrial Union of Workers – Industrial Workers of the World. What the IWW-SITT? For what it militates? What the organization can do for its members? How it offers better union conditions?

Here honest answers to many of your questions. The final answer, On the other hand, can be written in history as the workers who are ready-e-s to fight for a just world except for All, a world where the child will never be hungry.


1) What the IWW-SITT?

The SITT-IWW is a fighting union believes that the interests of workers can not be fully satisfied only when they are united and-e-s as a class. This is a union that seeks to unite workers practicing the same trade, the same industry, and each and every employee-e-s, in a large union.

The SITT-IWW differs radically from other unions about the problems of the working class. We are of the opinion that they can not be solved by begging crumbs employers or praying for favors to politicians. While fighting for better working conditions today, SITT-the IWW insists that workers have a right to everything they produce and they, instead of a meager share.

There will be hunger and insecurity among both workers and as long as there is a class winner employers to low wages and poor working conditions. The SITT-IWW assumes that there can be solutions to the industrial war, no end to injustice and poverty, As the profit system itself has not been abolished.

In its efforts to join the class of workers within a large union, the SITT-IWW also seeks to build the structure of a new social order and better in even within the system that failed to meet the needs of everyone.

2) Who can join the IWW-SITT?

All employee-e-e may have its map SITT-IWW, and without discrimination as to skin color, religion, the nationality, gender or sexual orientation.

However, it is not an organization for those who work with employers, the cowardly, or for those who substitute words for action. And it is certainly not an organization for those who are content to follow blindly chiefs.

The SITT-IWW is a union designed by and for workers, the best e-s-and smarter-e-s. Moreover, a growing number of those will source their SITT-IWW cards. They and they want to build the union that will rebuild the world. The SITT-IWW needs them and they; they and they need the IWW-SITT.

3) Can the members of other unions to join the IWW-SITT?

Yes. Several members of the IWW-SITT are also members of other unions. It is women and men who make up the combative heart of such unions; the grassroots people who advocate for their union work for its members and does not completely degenerate into docile peacemaker serving employers.

Like it-s workers joined the IWW because they and they want to build a stronger union, courageous, and more honest than the dominant unions today. Such a union should oppose unity of employers to the largest unit of workers. The union must oppose the power of the employing class, more power yet : that of the working class.

It is the largest union IWW-SITT. The One Big Union.

4) The SITT-IWW Is sector?

Non. The SITT-IWW is the only union that organizes workers as a class, instead of dividing the work into small groups that are fighting each other, the sole benefit of the employing class. The SITT-IWW does not believe that the great unity of the workers could be organized on a sectoral basis or profession, because it is a situation that divides workers instead of uniting.

The SITT-IWW does not seek to take control of established unions to change the labor movement, nor do they try to encourage its members by finding them easy or pleasant work on the workplace. Such maneuvers, even when they are successful, never provide real gains for working class, and only a few illusory benefits to victorious groups.

Inadequate labor movement today can be changed, not by a change in leadership or control measures, but with a base that is aware of its strength and its objective - a world fit for human beings who live there.

5) Who is a member?

Some-e-s best-of-s and e of the fittest unionists are already members of the IWW-SITT. They and they are the veterans of the bitter struggles for better wages and better living conditions; rebel against an unjust social order, they offer their hearts and their heads to make this dream of a better world for the workforce a reality. These are people that we are proud and proud to know; women and men fighting no matter from, and to victory.

But some-e-s of the best-e-s is not enough. The SITT-IWW needs of everyone. Moreover, people struggling for a better world will sooner or later they need the IWW-SITT.

6) What benefits for members of the IWW-SITT?

Although SITT-IWW makes no promise of immediate gains to its members, past experience shows that members benefit in direct proportion to their involvement in the trade union and labor.

Members of the IWW-SITT, familiar and familiar methods of direct action, make every effort to enforce standards and improve working conditions. The knowledge and methods acquired by the ISTC-IWW often prove a major factor in the victory of grievances.

The members, working with the ISTC-IWW and its press, have repeatedly managed to push the demand for union officers and gain wage increases.

These tangible gains directly benefit members of the ISTC-IWW as well as any and all workers. It is the same for intangible gains. The SITT-IWW offers its members a sense of solidarity and a clear direction. He makes them and their effective union members by teaching them to fight intelligently and together. It offers them the solidarity of the most courageous and brave workers, and more honest.

7) Does the IWW is SITT-democratic?

The SITT-IWW is a democratic stronghold. Although the majority vote is the rule, there is a scrupulous respect of minority differing opinions. All important questions, including the election of officers and Officers, are taken by a referendum vote of the members. Officers and Officers who fail to realize the will of the majority are subject to immediate recall. Those working with the employers are not tolerated-e-s-IWW in SITT.

The remuneration of officers and Officers or employee-s union, If it's happened, corresponds to the average wage in the industry they represent and. The mandates of the offices are strictly limited. Most SITT-IWW projects are toll, because the organization is composed of workers who believe in their movement and gladly give of their time and energy to promote growth.

One of the pillars SITT-IWW is the belief that the basis must control the union and its offices, and not the reverse. A union can not be so basic freedom of the latter is reduced by unnecessary regulations. Therefore, the SITT-IWW makes no more rules that he really needs.

8) How is this democracy protected?

Although the structure and constitution of the ISTC-IWW jealously protect democracy, no settlement can keep or guarantee once the will to preserve it disappears. The roots of freedom are never found in a rule, which is still editable, but in each and every. The best guarantee of democracy lies in the very composition of the IWW-SITT; his members, fighting against tyranny and injustice, will never allow freedom to be limited in the best working organization.

9) Does the IWW SITT-creates leaders?

In a way yes. More, the SITT-IWW leaders rejected as such, because although they may lead, it can also manhandle. The labor movement has consistently been betrayed by leaders that he had followed, and that he trusted. The labor movement will cease to be betrayed on the day he accepts the leadership of ideas rather than people.

However, there are people that are quick and capable in presenting ideas and tactics at appropriate times. The best-e-s of them and they do not want or direct, nor blindly. They and are formed-e-s-SITT by IWW, partly because it is an e-s-activist organization based, the other part through the shared experience of members, and finally because the members of the IWW-SITT do not lack intelligence or initiative.

10) Why is it that employers and the employing hate SITT-IWW?

So great is the hatred and fear of the ISTC-IWW among employers, they still tried and still crush. However, the SITT-IWW rises even stronger each time.

The basis of their fears is the inherent titanic power to the very idea of ​​the IWW-SITT. When workers are united-e-s as a class; and when they rely only on themselves and themselves; and when they use direct action to get the full product of their labor; when that day arrives, no power on earth can stop the forward march of humanity and this day will be nullified power stolen by the employing class.

One of the roots of hatred from the employer to the ISTC-IWW is his inflexible honesty. An honesty that never compromettera, never work, that will not be commodified, who will stop at nothing and will never surrender.

Employers do not fear unions that collaborate with them. The "unionism" of these organizations is a lie that can be bought so cheap that it is constantly used as anti-strike force to break the stakes of other unions.

  • Some unions accept the power of the employing class. The SITT-IWW disputes that power.
  • Some unions are begging the crumbs of bread produced by workers. The SITT-IWW demands the whole loaf.
  • some unions, serving employers, attack strikes of other unions and defy the pickets. Le SITT-IWW, in theory and practice, trying to build a working unit so powerful that the forces of the workers will be indestructible.

Employers are bent to get along with other unions, to prevent the SITT-IWW represents their workers. The bosses want controllable unions, not a big union controlled by workers.

11) Does the SITT-IWW is a union manager?

Entirely - to its members and the working class. It has never been and never will be responsible in the direction of the employer who makes the other unions praise - tame beasts, serving only to fuel the division of workers and workers and their good behavior to employers.

The SITT-IWW does not sell its members. It does not betray the interests of workers. He is indebted to the working class.

The SITT-IWW has repeatedly been treated rouge, but never yellow.

12) Does the IWW is SITT-radical?

Also a radical e-scientist in his laboratory ... as radical an e-surgeon not planning extracting an outgrowth ... as radical as the teacher-e must be to tell the truth.

It is good to note that this is radicalism has flowed all that has made life better from yesterday to today. Radicalism is now, Like in the past, the only force capable of leading the world out of this dark night about hunger, hatred and fear.

Humanity advances on a path carved by radicals and radical ; stained path with their blood. As long as there is injustice, they exist and they. Being radical-e is the proud title may display women and men freed-e-s.

13) Does the SITT-IWW encourages the use of force?

Non. While SITT-IWW uses every honorable weapon in conflicts with employers, he never initiated the use of force. His main weapon is the solidarity of the working class, who builds, and not individual terrorism, that destroys.

Employers have always been the first to use force and violence. The SITT-IWW teaches only what the law says : that workers have the right to defend themselves when they are attacked and-e-s.

Violence is not necessary when, uni-e-s, workers need only cross their arms to win the world.

14) Does the IWW is only SITT-American?

One can also ask whether freedom is American, or if justice and humanity are American. Wherever workers toil, wherever employers reign, we find the SITT-IWW or the thought of the IWW-SITT. This is because economic injustice is worldwide, it is the same for the ISTC-IWW.

In a narrower sense, le SITT-IWW, organized 1905 in Chicago, is much more "patriotic" as corporations, financed by local and foreign owners, seeking to dictate the livelihoods of workers everywhere. The entrepreneurial class of all nations reduced workers to slavery. The SITT-release the IWW.

15) Does the SITT-IWW is opposed to religions?

Non. The SITT-IWW has no religious bias and never interfere with the religious beliefs of its members. These beliefs are part of fundamental human freedoms and the SITT-IWW wants to liberate the workers and never oppress.

16) Why conventional unionists preclude the IWW-SITT?

The "union leadership" has become so entrenched in her comfort it has long ceased to represent and follow the interests of workers.

Created from the evidence of the divergent interests of the employing class and the working class, other unions have so overwhelmed that their main concern is now, the best, to be content with only crumbs of bread that workers produce. This disconnection of the base is even more acute in the type of union leadership that acts as administrator of labor.

The only concern for this kind of direction and keep his job and make the most profit possible, staff. This is done by crushing democracy, by muzzling workers, punishing the uprising, even simple criticism, by the summary expulsion.

The interest of these union leaders is the same as employers. Both are parasitic Workers. Both benefit from the removal of the basic demands and protests. Both benefit from a system that maintains bonded labor, primarily interested in profits from the "union leadership" and employers

This type of trade unionism, too close to the employers, opposes SITT-IWW - not because he does not understand, but because he understands too well. The victory of the ISTC-IWW mean the end of the dominance and privilege; it will mean the beginning of a total control of labor by workers.

17) Does the IWW SITT-secret group?

18) What about politics?

Le SITT-IWW, as an organization, is non-political and does not interfere with the political ideals or activities of its members. However, it requires political ideals do not create division between its members. This rule allows workers of all political backgrounds to come together to advance, without internal friction, their economic interests.

The SITT-IWW focused on direct Economic Action, because history shows that it is those who hold economic power also hold political power. The SITT-IWW believes that everything that is given to workers by politicians can just as quickly be resumed, plus interest accrued on this "debt" (is it necessary to quote the Wagner Act from Taft-Hartley?). Only can be preserved what is earned by the economic strength of workers.

The hard lesson, fully integrated by the IWW-SITT, is that the proletariat can not depend on unions in the pay of patronnat, politics, or prayer. It can only rely on himself and, if he wins, it only will the its own economic strength and its cohesion.

19) What direct action?

This is the type of action used when workers are fighting directly. When workers are rebelling at work by slowing production, or even stopping it completely, until their grievances are accepted - is to direct action. When uni-e-s workers as a class launched a general strike to defend their interests - that is direct action.

Workers are constantly betrayed-e-s and when they use means other than direct action - political elections, arbitration, or allow the courts or government agencies to settle disputes. These are all methods that benefit the entrepreneurial class.

To expect justice by these means is as naive as to believe that the lottery is designed to enrich those who put their money. The sole purpose of its casual earnings is to keep faith gullible in the "justice" of a rigged Machine.

Employers are viscerally threatened when workers use direct action to win their battles, because it is a means which is not easy, nor economic fight. Workers have invariably won when they used direct action, rather than by means of close union of employers.

Direct action broke the chains of slavery of mankind. Through the centuries, it has established individual rights and reduced the power of life and death of our masters. fully utilized, intelligently and wisely, direct action can forever eliminate hunger, injustice and slavery of a human being by another.

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