strike record in France

On the other side of the ocean, each new day of strike up the bar a little higher and is approaching records set in May 68.

Entering already in its fifth week of activity, the protest movement against the reform of the pension plans currently taking place in France already stands as one of the biggest strikes the country has long been known.  The 2 January, railwaymen of the National Society of French railways (SNCF), outperformed strikes 1995 and 2010 and smashed their previous record 28 consecutive days, established 1986.

While nothing suggests a quick exit, many media, such Nouvel Observateur (Note l') and The Independant, announced that the current strike could appear as the third longest in the history of France, just behind the events of May 1968 and the Common Front of 1936. It must be said that the walkout began with great pomp, when the 8 December:

More than a million workers had demonstrated in the streets of more than 300 cities, public transport was stopped in Paris and in many cities many planes remained grounded, more than 70% of teachers were on strike with many schools closed, the staff of public and private hospitals has also been at the heart of the battle. It's the same in private companies, where salairé.es have largely mobilisé.es.  (CNT-F)

While some observers have noted some slowing actions that place side by side the employé.es rail and air, Health, education, oil production and some areas of justice, resume negotiations, the 7 January, could very well put oil on the fire.


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Back teaching strikes in the US

Back on last year's events

launched 22 February 2018 by teachers of high school of West Virginia, the strike of 2018 extended the faculty of Oklahoma State, d’Arizona, du Kentucky, de North Carolina, du Colorado, Washington, New York and Illinois. Although strikes waves were smaller in these 4 last states, they nevertheless allowed the movement to go beyond the limits of the trade to get them professeur.es associé.es the Commowealth Virginia University and school bus chauffeur.es Georgia.

While the White House merely repeated not have money due to the costs of old age pensions (a speech that reminds us of something?), requests Teachers were clear: better working conditions and more education funding. Or, as every time the employers or the state refuses to untie the purse strings (who filled the same work we do and the taxes we pay), it only takes to brew a little cage to finally realize that the money actually was there. Gains were massive: reinvestment in education through tobacco tax, wage increase 5% at 25% and increased salary support employé.es are just some of the gains made in 2018.


The Angels, Denver and Oakland revive the ball!

But the movement that seemed breathless since May just reappear on the radar, this time via the Los Angeles Teacher Union, la Oakland Education Association (California) and the Denver Teacher Union (Colorado). What they ask and they? The same as everyone! An increase in funding institutions to provide a learning environment without mold and where every student can boast a chair and a desk to work and books necessary for learning. decent working conditions for a job that barely keep its workers and where stability employé.es is more than necessary for the welfare of the leading intéressé.es: Children and adolescent.es. While Quebec is on un.e enseignant.e 5 who leaves before his fifth career year, in the US we speak of a definitive abandonment rate 8% every year, across all seniority.

As in too many US and Canadian unions, one for Main obstacles auquel ont fait les enseignants face and enseignantes south of the border was tiédeur du syndical leadership here, we know it, although elected to represent their members, develops quickly on those complex and those who know better than others. These exécutant.es do not believe in fighting for their members and even they would believe, they and they do not believe that fighting can bring anything, better to avoid the worst and ask for the minimum. The strike of Los Angeles enseignant.es, interrupted after coitus 6 days, is a good example. So, if the central and faculty that represents can look forward to getting a pay rise 6%, a reduction in class size and hiring librarian and additional infirmer.es, the comments section of the Facebook page of UTLA has a bitter taste. It is mainly criticizes the Central its online voting system that, having been open only a few hours, prevented thousands of teachers from voting on the ratification of the agreement. Recall that if the 6% increase is not insignificant, Arizona and Virginia have seen their salary increased 20 and 25% Following pressure tactics performed 2018. Why leadership of UTLA was it merely a lean 6%? Mystery and gumdrop.


Needless to stress, the problem with this lack of vision on the part of the union leadership is that it creates a new standard that exceeds the limits of the agreement or the workplace. Whenever a union accepts a sellout, see the status quo or worse '' lower back '' as we begin to get used to in Quebec, it is a step towards normalization of losses. A steeper climb for those who want more. All the more so as we émoussons our weapons, the state continues to sharpen his. While Quebec begins to discover that special laws are less and less special, salarié.es the Oklahoma State are already preparing their next battle while just tabled a bill to criminalize enseignant.es who would do battle with their senator. An injury to one is an injury to all, a lack of fighting to One is a lack of fighting spirit to all.

Despite the cowardice of some union leaders and repression of political leaders, that the teachers in the United States have managed to prove is that it is still possible to organize with colleagues. It is possible to do locally is in worrying about a central inert organizing a walk-out completely illegal, but perfectly legitimate, as it is possible to regain control of his assembled and bring the union to take over the role that historically rightful: This not only ensure our well-being as salarié.es, but also to bring a project of greater society for everyone.



Mathieu Stakh.

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workers interview: A strike from the SAQ is tabarnak!

The employee-s SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) themselves with-e-s a strike mandate 6 days to pressure the corporation as part of their trading. A member of the IWW asked some questions to SEMB-SAQ Comrade (CSN) about strike. To avoid employer reprisals, his name will remain anonymous. Solidarity!


Quickly, can you tell us a little about your background? Is this your first strike?


I am an employee of the SAQ for almost ten years, before that, I had worked in an emergency CHUM from my 18 years. 2012 was my first fight, Now I fight as an employee at the SAQ.


Why are you on strike, What is your claim?


To date, we used one of our 6 go slow days ** and it was on Tuesday 17 July 2018 as many have found out. Our main demands are the following : reducing the precariousness of employment with our members and the work-family balance. What you should know is that 70% our employee-s on 5500 are e-s-time employee who does not have insurance, no paid vacation, no paid day off, no pay scale and no time guarantee the schedule week after week.

They and they receive their schedules three days in advance, and this creates a "surembauche" and staff turnover, because we can not keep workers in those conditions. Not to mention that it takes between 10 at 15 years to get a job. It is by portraying the people as children spoiled-e-s because our starting salary is 19,33$ /h, but when multiplied by 0 pendant 3 straight month, it's still a basic multiplication giving 0$ by salary. Basically, SAQ can not keep the employee-s, And this, even with a salary that could be called attractive because it can not guarantee hours.

Our other claim is work-life balance and I think I have no need to elaborate too much on it, it's pretty obvious. Serious, Couillard the government made its campaign, but to believe that it is not for us as it plans to privatize us. If already, must be between 10 and 15 years for a position at the SAQ, it would be cool to have a schedule that has no or a single day weekend. schedules of the floor we want to keep our present agreement and / or improve, but when your employer refuses even the status quo, we realize that despite its record profits, it crunches in us. If I get a job after 13 years and I want to hope to have a good life with my family, it will not be at the SAQ, So I fight!


SAQ bosses are how? Executives tell you what?


Where to start? Basically, their bonus system is done on the backs of workers. The more they cut their hours and bonuses are proving attractive. So, it's not worth the trouble of really talking. My opinion is as follows, I studied industrial relations from a variety of people think that when they will arrive in a company, they can demonstrate "leadership", is cute.


What do you do as equity?


At the beginning, we started off the uniform, but that has not reacted population. On the other hand, the beginning of the pressing means, which were voted on 94.7%, had the effect of changing the balance of power. It was through actions gradation we do understand that the employer stands. We are 5500 members throughout Quebec and they are 350 and several branch managers. They tiring-e-s we were to see us at work, dressed-e-s the way we wanted and they were no longer recognized as an authority figure.

After, we made a sticky campaign that was never requested by our nego table and not by the executive. I think it is important to mention to tell the employer that it is an autonomous movement of members of HE Mr. B. has grown, for we have been insulted-e-s by the lack of employer recognition, so they should forget their formal notices! We must also say that some of our customer-e-s we asked tights to put them inside or outside the store. This kind of action on the part of these has shown us that they love us and that it is not the workers who are in the wrong, but senior leaders of monopoly.

At the moment, we made "facing" alternative, before spinning the bottles, is put in reverse the signs and made himself indispensable with customers. Then the rest, it's still a secret.


Picketing happens how?


After a day, it is very well among our ranks. Members answered the call in an extraordinary way. We realized, shortly before the strike began, the employer would operate small stores, which SAQ Express.

On the other hand, people have kept the watchword : prevent deliveries! The response of our members was incredible.

However, we saw people from many unions who were wearing clothes identified with the colors of said unions cross our picket lines, And this, shamelessly. The SEMB-SAQ is known to support all the struggles of union-e-Colleagues! I will not lie, but it makes me when tabarnak / syndicated e-pass our picket line during a strike day ONLY for buying wine. It is as if we members SEMB-SAQ were worthless for them. I advise them reading "Traîneux foot, Boreal Edition ", because we were the first to organize in the mid-sixties in the public service. We have a history of union struggle which we are proud-e-s.

To Montreal, I would like to acknowledge the presence of Manon Massé and several e-s-Québec Solidaire candidate who came-e-s we press lines.


If the world in general would support you, what actions they could?


a premier, when you go to the SAQ, you can fill out a survey. So, if you write that you would like the employee-s have a good collective agreement, it would be great appreciated (you can also say that the boss was on the phone all the way to his office)! Ensuite, never be embarrassed-e-s ask for the boss (even if he is in his office) branch to tell him that you find unacceptable that the employer rule by the labor dispute with the employee-s. If you get your hands on tights, treat yourself! Especially tell the workers that you press!


The other unions, they can do anything for you backer?


DO NOT MISS OUR picket lines, please!


Solidarity and good next strike days!


If you want to follow the negotiations and strikes following days, you can do so via the SAQ-SEMB Facebook page (CSN) : https://www.facebook.com/semb.saq/


** go slow : which interrupts the activity of a company by a succession of small work stoppages. Like the fellow said : "That is one vote 6 days, but they can be used one day at a time. It makes the employer more nervous because he does not know when it will come out versus an indefinite strike. »

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Support for a general strike : not political repression in Catalonia

The IWW is in Montreal today solidarity with the population of Catalonia, our comrades of the CNT, but also with the Catalan unionists who mobilize and call for a general strike to assert the right to self-determination of the Catalan population and denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

Since the announcement of a referendum for the independence of Catalonia, the Spanish State has used the courts as much as force to prevent the vote. Whether the threats of imprisonment, Ad blocking polls, mobilizing thousands of police, arresting posters setters, searches, an army presence on the streets, the Spanish State has used force to deny a fundamental right : the right to self-determination.

We are in front of the Spanish consulate today to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State with regard to Catalonia. We are also here to give our support and solidarity with the Catalan people and witness to the courage of our comrades of the CNT unions and allies, who are mobilizing, call for a general strike and make actions to enforce the law in Catalonia and denounce the repression of the state.

We therefore ask the Spanish government to stop this violent campaign, This failure of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan population.

Our solidarity with the working people, Catalan union and the population of Catalonia, Your voice will be heard!

The IWW Montreal

The section of the IWW Montreal (Industrial Workers of the World, Industrial Workers of the World) expresses solidarity with the people of Catalonia today, our comrades of the CNT, as well as the Catalan and union mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination of the people to denounce violence and Catalan in Spain.

Since the announcement of a referendum on independence in Catalonia, Spain has used the courts and force to prevent the holding of voting. The threats of imprisonment, the announcement of the closure of the electoral colleges, mobilizing thousands of police, the arrest of people who have hung posters relating to referendum, the confiscation of material, the army presence on the streets, are some of the ways in which Spain has used force to deny a fundamental right: the right to self-determination.

Today we concentrated in front of the Spanish consulate in Montreal to denounce violence and contempt toward Catalonia in Spain. We are here concentrated and focused to express our support and our solidarity to the people of Catalan and witness the courage of our comrades of the CNT and its allied union, and actions are mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination and denounce the repression Catalonia State.

We call on Spain to stop the violent campaign, the violation of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan people.

All our solidarity with immigrant workers, the union and Catalan, so the people of Catalonia. Your voice heard!

Support for General Strike : Enough political repression in Catalonia

The IWW-SITT Montreal is, today, in solidarity with the people of Catalonia, nuestro'as compañero'as of the National Confederation of Labor and also with lo'as cataluño'as syndicalisto'as mobilisado'as and calling a general strike to defend the right of self-determination of the Catalan people and to denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

The Spanish government uses its justice system and violence to block the Catalan people since we know the date of the referendum for independence. Threatening to imprison, block polling, mobilize more than a thousand police, lo'as stop militants, perseguirlo'as and more, Spanish state uses force to deny a basic right - the right to self-determination!

So, We are today at the Spanish consulate to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State Catalonia. As well, We are here to support the Catalan people and testimonar the value and strength of nuestro'as compañero'as of the CNT and trade union allies, they are mobilizing, They call a general strike and carry out actions to defend the right of self-determination of Catalonia and denounce the repression of the Spanish government.

State tell the Spanish - Tu violence, your contempt for democracy and your political repression of the Catalan people "ENOUGH! »

Solidarity with trabajadore'as lo'as, catalane'as unionists and the people of Catalonia!

Your voice bring freedom!


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Panorama of past struggles and future Gaspésie

1909- Everywhere in Gaspésie, fishing is conducted by foreign companies of & rsquo; Jersey, with the head Charles Robin, Collas and Co. Charles Robin is by far, the worst employers ; Indeed it puts up the "Robin system" : it ensures loyalty forced the fisherman to the retailer. To do this , s & rsquo; he wants to pay his debt accumulated during the & rsquo; winter in the general store run by the same trader, the fisherman can not see a solution : increase the amount of cod caught the next season. However, as is Robin decides the price of products and sockets, repayment is, every season, far from complete.

September 1909, fishermen learn that merchants set the price of cod quintal 3,50$ so that & rsquo; they expected 5 piastres. The situation is clear : we must act collectively in & rsquo; interest of everyone. It is with in fear, but raised fist, fishermen begin their claims on the fourth day of September. Starting from small villages near Rivière-au-Renard, the population began a march that leads the up & rsquo; the place where traders located ,with the intention of ending more & rsquo; d & rsquo a century; operating.

Following the & rsquo; history is predictable, Merchant appeal to the armed forces to ensure their safety, Punishment is implemented, there will be death, wounded, imprisonment among fishermen and claims will be rejected. However, several years later, fishermen will be organized into cooperatives to break the monopoly in place and will become available as the direct influence of traders. The revolt of the fishermen was the first step towards their emancipation from unscrupulous employers. Through this collective movement, fishermen n & rsquo; not learned that & rsquo; to demand better terms from their bosses, but especially, they understood that & rsquo; they had s & rsquo; organize to be able to pass d & rsquo; them.

1957- Best known recently highlighted due to its 60th anniversary : the strike of miners in Gaspésie Murdochville . The main cause of the strike was the refusal of employers & rsquo; affiliation of workers and ourières a more combative union versus the company union and Catholic whom he was affiliated-the-art. The strike was also heavily repressed and no direct gain was obtained by strikers. Two d & rsquo; them died during the conflict, about 500 were dismissed and replaced by scabs. However, recognizes aujourd & rsquo; hui this uprising, in the reign of Duplessis, was the trigger many other social movements. He forced the implementation of some reforms towards the & rsquo; partial improvement of working conditions and above, to the right of workers to choose the union of their choice instead of & rsquo; a system of representation of men and women workers. This system of representation, often set up by employers, indeed favored a permanent peace between the two parties. Despite this victory, this union culture inherited from the Catholic unions still persists.

So, behind a holiday destination image, Gaspésie, through its history since colonization, is d & rsquo theater; major battles between productive forces vs. the owners of capital and means of production. Of course, this relationship of domination of the latter on the first is always d & rsquo; news.

Speaking holiday destination, seasonal work related to the & rsquo; tourism industry here is a prime economic sector. Small traders, in the field of food e.g., must enjoy the summer windfall to accumulate the necessary capital to keep afloat their business and their rate of consumption in the & rsquo; year, while the employee hopes to accumulate enough & rsquo; hours to collect his unemployment to his layoff once the season or, if he or she is a student-e, to try & rsquo; accumulate the necessary to survive a school year. So, the seasonal-eras employees must produce intensively during the summer and it, despite the weak received salary. The shopkeeper will say then have to offer small salaries during the & rsquo; was to garner sufficient economies and low wages remains the & rsquo; year, to take up & rsquo; in the next season.

This is what m & rsquo; leads to speak of & rsquo; first difficulty in the field of & rsquo; organization and claim. C & rsquo; is that & rsquo; it seems difficult, in this context, to demand better working conditions without being accused of s & rsquo; take "small businesses that sustain the & rsquo; local economy". The pretext of "economic insecurity" of small businesses seems to justify Gaspé, the eyes of many, precarious workers, workers and students with Gaspésie-nes. So, people working d & rsquo; hard in the kitchen, dining rooms, cafes, various shops for tourists to feel es received as king and queen, forever play the role of disposable economic support and cheap serving patrons and tourists.

Another difficulty d & rsquo; here in the same field towards the fact that in this environment where everyone knows, conflict situations seem to be avoided at all costs, for fear that & rsquo; they affect social relationships outside work and that the names of the persons concerned do not become synonymous with "trouble maker" and so they lead to some exclusion from the labor market, problem less present in the & rsquo; anonymity of large urban centers.

A third difficulty is the short-term nature of the season in which these jobs abound. Cultural change is long to perform and requires constant involvement of many people. Many of these workers n & rsquo; is that passage, they and they leave behind them and the same working conditions that & rsquo; they arrive, thinking that anyway it n & rsquo; is only temporary. The winter season would be a good time to s & rsquo; organize those who inherit this precarious situation in & rsquo; year.

Besides this, sing here often promise better days thanks to the & rsquo; arrival of big industry : Pulp (Gaspésia), cement (McInnis cement in Port-Daniel), oil (Pétrolia), the industry & rsquo; wind (LM windpower)etc. These industrial giants, in collaboration with the & rsquo; State finance, are as the safeguard for the region. "They would bring jobs and prosperity", so that & rsquo; many times, this type of economic model that generates unemployment and devitalized. Indeed, except in the case of LmWindpower that engages hundreds of workers and workers, these industries advocate the & rsquo; purchase & rsquo; automated equipment and n & rsquo; brings and some jobs that will disappear as soon as the & rsquo; business will suffer the jolts d & rsquo; any economic crisis on Wall Street or d & rsquo; administrative decisions taken far d & rsquo; here. So, they will leave behind people without income and polluting ruins. Short, it seems to me that & rsquo; work organization by and for workers in the & rsquo; optical d & rsquo; an improvement of all the quality of life and all would probably be greater than a distribution of work by d & rsquo leaders, businesses and d & rsquo; state, deciding to produce any and n & rsquo; anything, provided that & rsquo; there is a profit to be drawn for each other and for their campaign promises to create jobs seem to be held, the risk of & rsquo; d & rsquo add, other social and environmental scars in the region.

To conclude, throughout their history, people d & rsquo; here have endured d & rsquo; intolerable treatment by d & rsquo; economic and political elites, as the sea that & rsquo; at the bottom of the mine through the & rsquo; factory. On the other hand, l & rsquo; popular history also shows us that when it's time to stick together among peers to improve our conditions, passion, l & rsquo; organization and & rsquo; action are waiting for you. A long work remains to deconstruct the prejudices that divide the working population, especially for those without jobs, or between permanent es and seasonal workers (unemployed and seasonal es chômeuseuses). Also, with a new "chapter" of the d & rsquo group The Pack extreme right in Gaspésie, the issue of racism and fascism becomes a priority, without forgetting the struggles against sexism, l & rsquo; homophobia, Aboriginal struggles etc.. The SITT-IWW account here very few members currently, but its development in the area seems to me very relevant and even urgent. So, s & rsquo; there are people interested to come "salter" in the corner, embarrass you not!


Photo credit: Camping Québec.
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General strike: 175 000 workers and workers on strike in & rsquo; construction industry!

This morning the 175 000 Workers in all sectors of the construction triggered a general strike to force the progress of the negotiations. Sans convention collective since 30 April, the Trade Union Alliance grouping five construction unions wants defend the working conditions of its members assailed by business associations.

It is in this context that the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW) wishes to express its solidarity and joins 175 000 workers and workers in defense of their right to strike and supports all their claims.

The SITT-IWW Montreal

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Fier-era to be part of a union singing: the struggle to Ellen & rsquo; s Stardust Diner

The Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a New York institution, a place or Broadway actors and actresses do not wait table, but there singing songs of their shows when there are them. It is also a place or there is currently an ongoing labor dispute that has seen mass removals, strikes, demonstrations and picket lines that returned Morning food deliveries.

The employees of Ellen's were organized with the IWW-es for much of the past year. their union, Stardust Family United, came out in the streets, raising their voices and raising their fists to defend and improve their working conditions.

Several Stardusters worked at the restaurant from time to time over the years. According to them, Ellen's was a really nice place to work. Managers were accommodants when it came time to leave for a show. And despite the large number of waiters and waitresses taking off for the stage, Ellen's was a tight knit community. It was a place or workers developed their talent and was building friendships that crossed years.

All it would change last year when the new administration was introduced.

The art manager stopped being accommodative when Fri.has time to take leave. Workers denouncing security problems or complained of sexual harassment were ignored or es, even worse, returned es restaurant. Workers longtime, including some who had multiple-es many years of service to double digit, were returned es without recognition of their services.

So the idea came to form a union. Workers have contacted some local unions and the IWW New York proved most receptive, quickly arranging training d & rsquo; organization for employees of Stardust. Workers found solidarity unionism model of the IWW, which focuses on the basic control and direct action approach to organize, as a model of solidarity that had already established them in their workplace.

For some time, the organization took place under the radar. Problems relating to health and safety were raised and workers used the internal communication system to pressure management. He and they also organized a " march on the boss "To get back their tip seal and it was after this action and that they decided to come out publicly as a union. The spot where he chose them to do so : The New York Times.

Workers do not have vote for the election a labor council, rather asking the owner, Ken Sturm, to negotiate directly with them and they.

In the beginning, Executive suggested that & rsquo; ele would cooperative. But it did not last. Shortly after the union came out publicly, Sturm has hired a syndicate of dismantling firm and invented reasons to return more 15 Employees suspected es to be leaders that led to the union launched.

Workers responded with a chant strike (a singing strike), refusing to perform during their shifts.

Then something remarkable happened; the restaurant was closed for the day. nor 11 September, nor the passage of Hurricane Sandy had successfully forced the bosses of Ellen's closing, but workers have shown that remaining silent Artists-only, it them had the power to stop it in restaurant.

Following the recent layoffs, countryside really began to heat up. The workers have gathered new and new employees to rebuild the number of union members. He them have successfully defend against their employer attempts to learn new songs on their own personal time. He had obtained them from the administration, a return to an appropriate level of staff. An unstable part of the scene involving injury was finally replaced.

Some months later, Ken Sturm has engaged in another round of illegal mass dismissals. When clast ette, sure 70 servers and serveuses which were employees at the time of formation of the union, half were returned es. Again, some-es worked there for over 6 years, even talk of 20 some years to es. The National Labor Relations Board declined following a request of the union for an injunction.

References n 'however not stopped the campaign. It was after all these references that Stardusters staged their most radical action : a twelve-hour strike during the "rush" Friday night.

In an action separate working, workers refused es to be filmed by a Brazilian film crew who had entered a sort of deal with the administration. He them spontaneously created a petition and presented it to the management on the floor, who was forced to fold it.

some participant es when these actions were working the restaurant for only a few weeks. All this is a testimony to the success that the workers have managed to build in the restaurant to stand up for oneself and for others.

Workers were beaten es ardently with actions including staff who had been sent : weekly musical events, a "sip-in" (Action in which supporters of union present at the restaurant and leave a great tip without buying anything), « phone and Facebook blasts », and target other businesses associated with owner Ken Sturm.

At a certain point, l’administration a even brought in outside musicians to try to drown the sounds of Saturday night pickets. However, it was discovered that those it was union members who born musician, after a discreet word, es have joined for a few protest songs and soon after left. L’administration n'a not tried this tactic again from.

It was recently Stardust seen staff return deliveries with their musical picketse.

behind them regular action at work, the “Stardust Family United” regularly holds a fundraiser "Stardust after dark" and launched its own page Facebook and his site web. Its members are also related to d & rsquo; other employees of the restaurant are afillié to & rsquo; IWW, in building especially a relationship with " Burgerville Worker Union »Portland.

The campagne a motherme his propre theme song, written by an-e member de la “Stardust Family United” and recently taken by Tom Morello as a tribute to the dedication and creativity of workers of Stardust.

Stardust workers that include them are taken, are in a long process , despite the answers illegales and draconian Administration, He them are determined es to continue fighting and continue singing until them earn.


For more information, check out the link below. If you go through the city of New York, take a look at them page Facebook for events and fundraising events. If you are outside, If you-please consider making a donation :https://www.youcaring.com/stardust-family-united-634720/donate?utm_source=widget#wp

A dozen workers and workers have so far have was sent-es and New York is an expensive city, all you can give would be greatly appreciated assistance. in parallel, why your union local branches or political groups do not would organize a fundraiser to support these inspiring es workers ?

Chilli Sauce, mars 2017

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Near a thousand protesters for the International Workers Day


For May Day 2017, while the unions sent their permanent es-es and employee distribute leaflets, the IWW as well as numerous groups mobilized for a day of struggle, of working class solidarity and combative unionism. In the program; office occupancy placement agencies, popular meals and demonstration Southern center to Downtown o? ù the police waiting at a halt!

Occupancy of Thompson Tremblay's offices and ManPower Recruitment Solutions

This year the start of the International day of workers has been given at noon for members of the Industrial Workers Union and Workers (SITT-IWW) Montreal and the Workers Association of Temporary Workers of Employment Agencies (ATTAP) who went occupy Thompson Tremblay offices and ManPower Recruitment Solutions, two placement agencies.

Temporary employment agencies specialize in ofoffering a flexible workforce to companies. Essentially, it transforms the boss-employee relationship in a triangular relationship of employer-employee-agency. The agencies allow companies to reduce their production costs by reducing the accounting staff and evasion of payment of benefits and protections of minimum labor standards such as cotisations with EI, insurance in case of work accidents, parental leave, as well as for caregivers, pensions, holidays, etc. They also limit the right to unionize, the right to direct negotiations with the boss to have a collective agreement and the right to strike as a defense mechanism. Victims workers of this process do not accumulate seniority, have no minimum hours of guaranteed work or job security and receive no annual salary increase. Since the disruption of the conference of the ACSESS 5 april 2017, our working conditions have not improved. Our demands remain the same so:

The immediate increase of the minimum wage to $ 15 / hour, obligation to hire the workers by the client company after three months of service, joint responsibility of employment agencies and client companies regarding labor standards and health and safety, the same wage for agency workers and those who are hired by the client company.

popular meal in the Center-Sud neighborhood
Despite the rain, near 200 people who are grouped Médéric Martin Park in the early afternoon. Housed-e-s by the tents of SOS Roaming and warmed-e-s by the food provided by the Coop Café Touski, the members of our dedicated union, but also those of the Mouvement Action Unemployment, Plateau Mont-Royal Housing Committee, the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, the Association for Student Solidarity Trade Union (ASSÉ), Student Union of Workers of UQÀM, Solidarity Without Borders, Faculty Student Association Sciences Humaines of UQÀM, and various Antifascist group present in the area such as RASH, the Montreal Sisterhood and the Young Guard benefited from this community gathering.

The theme of the day? Enough is enough! While the cost of living is rising constantly, utilities are cutting. Welfare recipients suffer savage attacks. There is the threat of a reform of labor standards who would benefit the employers that awaits us, and to add insult to injury, while unions and community groups are calling for a minimum wage 15$ /h, the bosses and the state answer us : you're onlyUERE more than $ 11.25 / hour.

As if that was not enough, the social climate deteriorates. Racist discourse have vast grandstands. They mistreat the difference. Hate crimes against women, the muslims and LGBTQIA community * multiply. We do not tolerate the spread of hate speech in the medias, workplaces and communities.

Frontenac Metro Protest in Downtown

Eventually joined by pink bloc and anti-gentrification groups of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, is the theme of anti-fascism and the opening of borders rather than inward-be that the event is finally set in motion at 17:40. Fanfare, flags, smoke and fireworks brightened Ontario Street subway Frontenac to the Great Library at Berri-UQAM metro or demonstrators took the streets of downtown in order to join the great event organized by the Convergence anticapitalist struggles (CLAC). If the participants of the latter already had to defend themselves from a first police charge at Place Ville Marie, the arrival of the fascist contingent and syndicalist gave new life to the demonstration continued until past 20 hours in the evening in the streets of downtown.

At the time of publication, there was only one arrest. Our thanks to lawyer's team Desmarais & Desvignes and Ouellet Nadon and associates that united for the legal monitoring of our members.




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successful strike in the IWW, TTX Maryland vire son patron!

Computer Technology Industry Workers of Maryland launched a strike with SITT-IWW and dismiss their boss!

FREDERICK, MD- Workers and True Technical Experts LLC of workers (TTX) subcontractor Computer technology for major retailers, could not know how far would take their adventure when the 26 May they entered once and for all on strike. Workers have so submitted a list of demands that includedtoent adjustment of wages to industry standard, regular hours, end harassment and wage theft and recognition of the IWW-SITT.

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Solidarity e-s-order of the Labour Act

In solidarity with those who have fought and still fighting against the Labour Act and "the world", the SITT-Montreal IWW organized a fundraiser to help the group Collective Defense (DefCol) from Paris, and offering supportt moral and financial arrêté.e.s to persons and / or incarcéré.e.s in connection with the movement that began this spring. This amount is of course symbolic, but it is an international solidarity must be maintained in order to fight the system that starves us and plunges us into poverty.

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