You are victim of workplace harassment ? Your boss you made advances ? Inappropriate comments ? You were a victim of sexism, machismo, intimidation or even touching by colleague or customer-s-e-s and your boss does not measure ?

You do not know where to start to respect you ? You do not know what to do ?

these abuses, and hundreds of other, occur every day in Quebec. Alone, you feel isolated-e and no match for fight against shame and helplessness that these behaviors carry with them ?

But when you think about it ... if it happen to you, How many live the same ?

If you pains to respect you, we can help you with what you obtiennes dignity and respect that come back to you. If you want to organize in unions your workplace, you can also count on our help !

« The union makes us strong ! » : the song says, the union makes us strong. Alone you can not fight, but together we shall overcome. Of course, unionism has given a bad name. Large plants have become businesses, rolling on the contributions of workers. They are concerned only industries that bring them. Small businesses, the workers and workers temporary, precarious jobs, that they do not care. That's where I.W.W. enters the game. We are organized-e-s voluntary, without permanent employee-e-s-e-s. With us, members are directly in control. No hierarchy, we advocate direct action !

The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (Industrial Workers of the World) is part of the history of the labor movement - there's even gained a nickname, Wobblies. We have members on three continents, and it is high time that the direct action unionism is present in Quebec. We seek other workers to build the union. If you want to help us, or rather help you, contacts us.