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2021 : No more surviving, let's fight to live!

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, a bitter statement imposes itself : bosses, owners and politicians take the opportunity to crush a little more so-called essential workers, tenants and the working class in general. If measures have been put in place temporarily to avoid a catastrophic economic crisis,  with the huge budget deficits that are building, we bet that it is not to the big corporations and the rich that we go pass the bill. On the contrary, we risk seeing our social safety net cut like never.

It will be fine? Not sure, but for our union by against, no way to let it go. Do not let it go, because we are not alone. Number of community groups, of organizations feminists / anti-racists and trade unions are already fighting on several fronts to time. However, too often in silos and, especially at union level, of corporate way.

We therefore believe that while health measures are important, Above all, the time has come for collective anger, class solidarity and organization by and for the base. We think we must have a bigger project. The grumbling being palpable, it's time to reconnect strong and going to win better working and living conditions.

For that, we propose to work in view of May 1st 2021 on three claims linked to issues exacerbated by the crisis current. They are not new, but they are more urgent than never. We propose that these requests serve as benchmarks for autonomous and / or jointly organized direct actions between different organizations by International Women Workers' Day and workers.

Three claims to meet

Minimum wage at 21$ /h

For years and still today, inspired similar examples in the United States and other provinces, many community and union organizations, including us, claimed increasing the minimum wage to 15$ /h.

On the other hand, in the meantime, the cost of living continued to explode and the minimum wage increases decreed by the state Quebecers were as thin as they were insulting. In order to catch up not only lost time, but above all the loss of income caused by deaf ears of our neoliberal governments, the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers requires an increase in minimum hourly wage at 21$ /h, followed by an increase subsequent annual fixed at one dollar per hour.

Why 21$ /h? Because we don't want us content with the minimum to survive, we want to live well! Because in the end, this money is the result of our labor. While the workers and workers, suddenly declared essential, put themselves at risk by full pandemic, the bosses have made record profits on our backs, so nothing more normal that we were going to recover what is rightfully ours.

You have to remember that not everyone works 40 hours per week. We can think of women, to marginalized people or to students who have seen their work income in the last year lower even more than usual, so much to guarantee a capable salary to really provide for our needs.

Rent freeze

October 1 2020, the City of Montreal announces a freeze on property taxes. In ontario, the government has recently declared a rent freeze for the whole year 2021. When the announcement of a rent freeze in Quebec?

While tenants have been suffering for several months loss of income, most of the time they do not have the financial cushion of owners, no investments (home grabbing) which ones are leave to buy food. Adequate housing is a fundamental right. We shouldn't have to juggle feeding, to dress and find accommodation. However, according to the census of 2016, 36,5% tenant households Montrealers spent more than 30% of their income to rent. And the situation is not better in the rest of Quebec, with 33,7% tenants in the same situation.

Even the minimum wage of 21$ would not always be sufficient to offset the constant increase in rents. Proof, the average price of one 4 and a half for rent on Kijiji is now 1032$ per month. This is completely insane! Yes to a rent freeze!

A status for everyone world

Today, the pandemic makes visible to everyone the absurdity of the working conditions of immigrants. While the government publicly qualifies health care workers as the guardian angels of the people of Quebec, behind the behind the scenes he threatens these same people with deportation.

For too long, bosses took advantage of people without status to replace the local workforce better protected by standards of work by vulnerable workers who cannot to complain under penalty of deportation. That's enough!

Like many organizations with which we collaborate already, we require permanent residency status for all who want it, in order to prevent the business class from continuing to divide the working class to better dominate us. This measure is necessary for the rights workers and to promote solidarity with the fight against systemic racism. No to deportations! Yes to a status for everybody!

Why fight and unite now for May 1st 2021?

Because the next few years will not be more generous at the place of our class, unless we get started now. The future budgets will undoubtedly be marked by crass austerity. So we might as well prepare ourselves quickly to resist but also set the tone the most aggressively possible. It is the very foundation of our union thought : a well-organized social class is a dangerous class that can gain its struggles and dictate how to live better!

We are not proposing to create a coalition or an alliance formal, but a network of struggle where we can meet between organizations wanting to fight and help each other from time to time! It will make us pleasure to help you mobilize within your organizations and struggles!

It is on these bases that we jointly invite you to join us on May 1st, in order to shout our anger, to do hear our voices and demand what is rightfully ours. And let it be a springboard to sights, let us say, revolutionary!

To contact the union, here is our email address : [email protected]


response to San Watts CEO of Mission Bonne Accueil

During a press conference on Thursday 29 October, the general manager of Mission Bon Accueil, Sam Watts, answered roughly this to a reporter asking how the community was going to resist the second wave if its workers are already out of breath : "Yes, but not without difficulty. (…) Certainly there are people who are exhausted and I try as much as possible with all my colleagues and other CEOs to encourage our world (…). I think we would be able to get through it (community workers) very resilient people. So I have a lot of confidence. »

To her only, this quote sums up well what many organizations in Montreal have been going through for a long time, But even more violently since the start of the pandemic, namely ignorance totality of the reality on the ground by directors and councils administration.. This reality is present in organizations such as large shelters, Accueil Bonneau or boxes in harm reduction.

In the field, many workers with whom we have a relationship are distraught at the scale of the task. How to make the helping relationship with distancing measures while proximity is at the heart of the community approach ? How to get to work without being discouraged knowing full well that the measures put in place are without consultation teams ? How to feel valued in your work without a bonus, without significant and continuous recognition of the work accomplished since the beginning of pandemic and with tasks that have often become more burdensome and more complex ? These are unfortunately questions that many workers ask themselves and workers who, long before the current health crisis, were already working with overload, very few resources and recognition. They and they therefore find themselves stripped of the means and hope for the future. Burnout can quickly become the only way out, but it is far from being soothing, we know it !

Since the start of this pandemic, no employer coalition demanding better working conditions has seen during the day in the community. However, the latter claim to support and encourage their workers. Except that words have their limit and people in the field, i.e. workers of street, pair.es aidant.es, psychosocial workers and staff administrative, have had enough of these empty words and want real support. We are exhausted by the overload of work, lack of support clinical, and precarious working conditions. We are sick of the DGs who take pleasure in a community that is fueled by vocation.

We understand that the directions and members of C.A, who increasingly come from the business community, prioritize their personal interests, as bosses have always done of capitalist companies. In this sense, they take no risk, any radical political action to get the community environment out of its precariousness. They seem to be very comfortable in their managerial posture, ignoring needs of their employees.

We understand that these organizations adopt more of a management method stuck to private enterprise that resonates in these times of pandemic.

We understand that the directions and members of C.A are increasingly disconnected from the reality on the ground and needs not only of workers, but those of people attending services.

We realize that our bosses talk, speak and speak without taking concrete actions to improve our working conditions. They don't have a speech problem, we recognize their great talent to make us believe that they are with us, but their inaction is shameful for the leaders that they and they pretend to be.

Short, with their nicknames encouragement, these directions only demonstrate impertinence for us all, Workers, to wait for them to take the steps to improve our working conditions. It's up to us to take control of our workplaces as workers and community workers and kick out our bosses, bosses.


*The description of Monsieur Watts on the Mission Bon accueil website: "Sam joined Welcome Hall Mission as of general manager in 2016. He shares with the team his vast experience in leading teams and coaching leaders in a variety of contexts. His colleagues describe him as a visionary leader, focused on creation an environment conducive to innovation and the implementation of new ideas ”.

In short, "Sam" is a boss from the middle Business.

Text written by activists working in the community

Fear and loathing in a center near you

I got lots of jobs to low wages. Warehouseman, employed in call centers or customer service, concierge, diver, clerk, assistant cook, seller fir, House painter, speaker, name it. In all cases, I always had bosses with varying degrees of shit.

One who we called moumounes when we refused to work at 10 meters in height without harness; another who always said that it was taking too long between two surveys; one who we spied remotely via cameras; others who harassed or tolerated harassment.

My first union experience has been with the Teamsters, at the Montreal Bus Station as an attendant to information. We were a new team about 10 people hired by a outsourcing company. A summer job that finally lasted six years, at 40 hours / week at minimum wage with executives too disdainful hypocrites.

As long as having a boss, as much to defend oneself, this is which is why I later joined the IWW, a Wobblie. But initially, I was not a convinced trade unionist. This first experience with the Teamsters has me even rather disgusted with unions.

By entering, I knew my hourly rate, but not much more.  Nobody said anything to us. This is our boss, One day, who told us we would be unionized with the Teamsters. It's funny, because I don't remember ever signing a membership card. AT the time, I have found that strange, even suspicious that it is our boss who finds us a union; now I understand that we were fooled, big time.

Un an (or two) later, a colleague, no longer lit at his rights, and I started to chat . Sometimes with other colleagues. Our working conditions were really harsh. We wanted more than the minimum wage, at least 3-4$ Furthermore. Especially since half of the staff had been there since more than 10 years. Many had children. We knew that if we structured, we could go get some money. And respect.

This colleague my request if we had a copy of our collective agreement. I was not even sure what it was. We went around, no one had it. To my memory, our boss gave us a copy.

After having leafed through our convention, we understood that had to elect delegates and that many of our working conditions were not respected. We contacted Teamsters offices, so that we explains a little how it all works. We were given the number of our union advisor, the one who had to answer our Questions, help us to organize and defend our rights. Joining him was painstaking. He was very busy he said. We were obviously not on his priority list.

It looked like a whole union crooked. Not too interested in we. To send us a paid guy 3-4 times our salary, that got us made very unfriendly.

We contacted the CSN, see if we could not embark with them. It couldn't be worse and maybe the idea losing our dues would wake up the Teamsters. It was very complicated for I don't know what to have a frank response from the CSN. We were however in time for the change of accreditation. After some exchanges, it fell to the water. A young friendly adviser tells us that the plant was not very interested, among other things because would not pay much in contributions.

After this episode, our negotiations arriving, even if we didn't feel supported, we tried to organize meetings by ourselves. We had to get organized and obviously nobody would do it for us. We had to talk to our colleagues and ask questions : who stands with who? Who wants what? Who is potentially trusted, who would vote for leverage, for a strike? It was messy. What now at the IWW I call from "Restlessness, education, of inoculation, you social mapping, etc. " Unionism.

We put up posters to announce an assembly. We spent small leaflets. I was really funny to put on posters with quotes from Karl Marx. Mon boss, his, laughed less. We didn't have the right to talk about a union at work. Of their edge by cons, our bosses pretended to meet individual about the schedule for threaten colleagues, know who said what ...

They used oldest used to obtain information, to spread rumors that the company is closing and that lose our jobs if we go on strike.

Our advisor union presslessly returned our calls and was rarely, never there. At our first meeting, during which we refused the boss offer, our counselor spoke aggressively, repeated the same rumors that executives were circulating, said we should accept the 50 proposed increase signs or go out with the right pegs.

We stopped trusting him the day we saw him by chance in a restaurant not away eating with our boss, looks like two good boyfriends. I was in tabarnak.

During the second Assembly, the boss’s offer made us climb by 1,50$ (about) /h. The more combative small group but inexperienced that we were tried to push for more, but the assembly voted in favor. Our advisor says that in 3 years, we might be better ... this same guy who had more in common with our boss treated us like kids, idiots. It made me hate trade unions.

Gang of sold me said to myself. The power plants and their platform managers employees, more concerned insurance companies by industrial peace that the working and living conditions of my class.

I have rediscovered unionism in a better light meeting Wobblies. When I was told that a real union, it is the workers who train it and who give it its colors. That the legal model of insurance company, it’s a resounding failure. That it is certainly not by accepting the status quo that we will avoid the wall towards which the capitalism makes us sink.

From my first experience with a corporatist union, I’m remember this : must speak to our colleagues; ask them what they do and how to get more, know what pisses them off, remind them that a boss is a boss, even if he has a smile; understand that it will not be simple, that our colleagues (and ourselves), waves complex pathways.

Still unionized with the IWW, but also by a “legal” union, I keep in mind that we have to protect ourselves from the boss, but often also from the heavily paid union, who's afraid of losing control. Especially if we don't want to be content to sign an agreement, but put the power back on the work floor.


Un memre du SITT-IWW.


Montréal: Blocking Marseille Depot Canada Post

After blocking the Leo Blanchet plan and deposit the factors Bridge 10 and 12 last December, intersectoral local branch of the IWW-SITT Montreal starts over again by going this time to deposit Marseille in the heart of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.


This initiative of the IWW Montreal is part of a broader movement involving all of Canada where recall that since the adoption of a special law, charcutant negotiations and back-to-work letter carrier for Canada Post, shares of blockages and disturbances take place around the country. Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Ottawa, Mississauga, Montréal, Halifax and Sydney are just some of the cities where members of the IWW union or other citizens or groups decided to stand in solidarity with the letter carriers, giving reason to Mike Palecek, National President of the Union of Workers and Workers Post (STTP/CUPW) announcing to the CBC:


« 50 000 syndiqué.es are is forbidden to hold a picket in front of post offices, more 3 millions still have that right. We are not the seul.es willing and ready to defend our right to free collective bargaining! »



Photo credit: SITT-IWW Montreal

References disguised the Collège Lionel-Groulx

St. Therese, the 18 april 2018 – Yesterday morning, an employee of the General Association of Students and Students from Collège Lionel-Groulx (AGEECLG) learned that her position was being eliminated, his colleague was suspended and under investigation, and they were no longer welcome on the grounds of the institution. The Trade Union of Workers in Education associative circles (Sttm) welcomes this new very coldly that has all the appearances of a constructive dismissal, orchestrated by the administration of the College in collaboration with a handful of students and student.


It is indeed arriving at his workplace, the 17 April, that one of the employees found that the access code of the local Association was changed. It is then going to ask the College security to open the door of the association that the employee has instead given a letter emphasizing that the decision was taken to terminate her employment. the letter, signed by the Director General of the College, also stipulated that he was now forbidden to set foot on the ground and in the establishment. No reason or subsequent explanation accompanying the letter. "This approach is reminiscent of private multinationals who have no respect for the lives of their employé.e.s, not that of a union-type organization such claims to be the AGEECLG 'protests Jasmine Leger, spokesman STTMAE, supporting the dismissed employee.


This reference would be the result of a decision by the Board Representation of Students (CREE), the decision-making body AGEECLG. On the other hand, it seems that the meeting itself does not even meet the Rules and Regulations of the student association, since the time for calling were not respected and that all représentant.es were not the averti.es keeping it. "Besides being abject as a way to, this is anti. How does the college administration to support and even facilitate the decision, which respects neither the law nor the regulations of the association ", says Felix Lefrancois-Sabourin, also spokesman STTMAE.


Since the implementation of these new measures, employees have still not access the local association to retrieve their belongings. The représentant.e.s of AGEECLG refuse to answer questions STTMAE on the reasons that led to the dismissal. The student association seems rather team up with the administration of the College and its security services to silence anyone who tries to learn more, including members of the AGEECLG. Jasmine Leger says: "It is intolerable that employees, one of which has more 20 years of, are thrown out the door without explanation or even be able to recover their belongings, all with the blessing of Collège Lionel-Groulx. "The student association would, since, uses the services of a lawyer.


The Trade Union of Workers in Education associative circles (Sttm) includes employee-s sororities, Students cafes, unions of schools and unions in the education. The STTMAE is affiliated with the Industrial Union of Workers (SITT-IWW).




Jasmine Leger Union of Workers and Workers Associative Media in Education (Sttm) Contact : 1-450-821-2195
Félix Lefrançois-Sabourin Union of Workers and Workers Associative Media in Education (Sttm) 438-888-9807


Union under the radar

The visible successes

When talking about unions, whether the IWW or elsewhere, it is generally thought to large visible banners. With us, names that strike most as success stories are probably the Starbuck’s Workers Union which put the IWW on the map in the early 2000 or the recent campaigns by the Union of Workers of Frite Alors and that of Workers in the voluntary education environment, both affiliated with the Montreal Local.


The tip of the iceberg union

But if this was only the tip of the iceberg? In organizational training 101, it leads us to discuss and debate the most inclusive definition it would be possible to give a union. After attending three times as participant and 5 both as trainer, I can guarantee you that almost every time we come to the same answer : a union is when two workers or workers or more join forces to improve their working conditions and those of their colleagues.

Looking at the side of the Union of Workers of Frite Alors Rachel Street, for example, we note that industrial action began long before the S-word is pronounced. By spring they and they put forward collective action to qualify for air conditioning in the restaurant, a request which was followed by some actions, then by new claims.

Recently, Combat Trade Union published an article about employee-es of the 3D animation industry who have managed to substantially improve their working conditions, but the editorial team might also have to look at many other local examples. The employee-es of the delivery industry who have managed to obtain better tools to work and a salary increase 20 %, the employee-es of health that have managed to limit the damage of the Lean model at their facility, es employee of the restaurant who got pay raises and repairing many of their tools, es employee of a call center who got them and also a raise.. These are examples of a successful solidarity and mostly nevertheless remained in the shadows. They are the result of the union of concerned es workers, many hours meeting requiring the participation of all and each, and often several actions, short of union action in due form!


In the field

Another example to which it is possible to rotate is that of Stardust Family United (SFU) At New York. Although their union, whose existence was made public in August faced a monster repression, we can see two things. The first is that despite the dozens of dismissals that followed the public release of SFU, this is only the visible part of the union were dismissed. If it kept up the pressure by holding daily picket lines after day, other Workers at Stardust, on their side, continued to work under the radar and go for many gains. Moreover, we learned recently that two veterans and returning players to the campaign of New York-based organization continued to operate elsewhere. Es forced to desert the picket lines to find other work, headings entre elles of society in a manson refus de signer une nouvelle politique de disciplines here is draconian littéralement, while the other coordinated a kind of rotating operation on the boss, about credit card stolen and left tips for waiters and waitresses. The victory was immediate. At the IWW, we often than not say the workplace that we organize, but soon the workers directly. One of the main objectives behind our organizing campaigns is to create more and more organizers organizers who will lead the fight on their current workplace like any other and that they will cross over their life.


public release or no public release?

There is something very media, very glamorous to make a public appearance, but this is not the only way to organize as a union and win as a union. Help colleagues to become fully aware of the power that our boss has on our lives, then bring them to realize all the strength he can have when we unite, then take the necessary actions, it is a victory in either! These are examples of workers and workers who have empoweré es, have seen their working conditions improve and are equipped es to be able to start to fight or they and they are! In a word : of Unionism.


Mathieu Stakh


And if the union does not move?

Although a union is theoretically a tool in the fight to improve working conditions for workers, it is not uncommon to see them turn into demobilization devices. Whether to preserve the "device" union avoiding taking risks involved in a great struggle, collaborate openly with the boss who grants favors to the central (ex : automatic unionization of new branches in exchange for a peaceful unionism) or want to maintain a policy of a bad image caused by a strike during elections, any union may disconnect interest on its base to preserve as an institution. Yet it is in these moments that matter most to be a trade unionist.

It is then necessary to remember that the union is all about us and our colleagues and leave on this basis. Since then, a wide range of tactics opens us : it is possible to form grassroots committees, who will work and will fight outside the union sets (ex : see COBAS in Italy), attempting to organize to take over and reform our union to refocus towards the base (see the CORE, the Caucus of Rank-and-file Educators à Chicago) or to change union affiliation. As many see the arrival of an employers' association (also known as "yellow" union) as an opportunity to talk about working conditions and thus return the offensive of the bosses against them. Do not hesitate then to contact the branch of the nearest IWW for support and training for (re) start the battle to improve your working conditions and life.


comic credit: Val-blue


Return on Capital and Labor: class collaboration in the labor movement

Salaries, for workers of a society dominated by the liberal or neoliberal economics, have represented and never will represent nothing more than a fraction of the value of our work once the capital has taken its share of social production(1). The capital reserves this before hand to redistribute the rest to employees as compensation which will vary according to the criteria of the "labor market" that seeks to impose a market value to jobs and self-employment (and thereby to employees and self-employed worker) as if it were a commodity. Although safe capitalism, that works only if it is constantly growing, use this share to grow and enhance the capacity to appropriate an ever greater share of this social production, making it a wealth concentration system that leads to the results that we know : a ridiculous number of individuals sharing a huge chunk of wealth, private means of production and therefore decide the directions that take this production (power). the haves, in this economic doctrine, So get the share of labor not obtained by workers. Since a long time, unionism is presented as a means to remedy this situation. Today, for example in Quebec and Canada, the unions have acquired the means and a number of members that go far beyond what would have wished the workers' organizations of the past. However, it seems more than ever an unlikely transformation of the social organization of scale (revolution) from these entities. Why is that? here , I leave you with a part of a text that offers an answer to this question and come back with my views on the issue.

Capital and labor : class collaboration in the labor movement
by : Victor Levant (doctoral candidate in political science at McGill University), publishing spark, 1977

chapter V11 : the class character of the union "in good faith»
work organization was illegal in its infancy but was finally obliged to grant a "right
association "because of the revolt of the working class. The concept underlying the definition
legal union activity, however, was derived from the vision of the capitalist world and reflect the interests of
the capital class. This "right" was granted reluctantly, conditional and only after
watered down the essence of the labor movement : a political movement to fight for the emancipation of
Working in an economic movement to fight for higher wages and better conditions
working. This "right" was finally granted once the content of this legal activity (the goal,
the principles, the strategy and tactics of syndicalism) reduced to harmless state. It manages to blow
brute force, judicial repression, corruption and ideological mystification.
Our analysis will show that the "right" of association is the right to organize some
way, in the interests of capital, i.e. in order to ensure continuity of the current mode of production,
Consequently, the exploitation of labor.

The legal definition of the activities of bona fide union proved to be nothing more than
class collaboration in the form of "respect for the law and authority". This meant that the work
recognized the legitimacy of the state apparatus. It maintained its domination - domination
in the Criminal Code of Canada, the Civil Code of the Province of Quebec and the labor code
of Quebec, dominance also ensured by the class nature of governments, of bureaucracy, of the
courts, Police and army, alternately, legislate, run, consider and enforce
lois. The essence of this device, is the dominance, political domination of capital over labor.
The Criminal Code of Canada and the Civil Code of Québec ensure the exploitation of labor by
legalization of private appropriation of social production, maintain the current mode of production
by legitimizing the work contract and defend the existing social structure in prescribing any
transformation of the state apparatus that protects this structure.

The Quebec Labor Code ensures the domination of capital over labor by prohibiting the fight
militant mass, en régularisant, "Routinisant" and individualizing the class conflict; he rocks
partial integration of the union in the state apparatus in making the legally responsible
the application of the collective agreement, finally, it ensures the dissemination of liberal mythology
implicit in the capitalist code : equality of the employer and the employee ("Equal rights"), society
classless ("the public") and state above classes ("Equality before the law").

That said, observing the current situation, it is obvious that this description of unionism corresponds to that of the major unions in Quebec that fall into this category and watered toothless version of what we can not even call a labor movement. The filing of a single special act of the Liberal government enough to return to work thousands of workers in the construction voting es for the strike and, in the virtual absence of protest. Current Unions have become so integrated into the state apparatus, that the state no longer needs to call its repressive forces to enforce the rules that the government invents progressively to the detriment of the working class. The union elites have enough power on their members to enforce laws, the more harmful they may, for workers.

Revolutionary syndicalism must resume its place in the landscape trade because trade unionism "in good faith" (in good faith) current is not suited to fight neoliberalism has accepted or been forced to be regulated to acquire legal status as suggested by the author of capital and labor. It was also developed in a political context in which it was popular to want to build, all together and coughs, together, "Social democracy" that will benefit all and all without having to question the social structure and the state apparatus that protects (ideological mystification?). This revolutionary unionism must exert pressure that will intensify son years by issuing a credible critique of the current unionism by texts, actions and mobilization of employees in job areas forgotten by the current unionism (restoration, retail, troubleshooter, self-employed, Community etc.). It must also as with e Mapei and Canada Post employees support the union members of victims union practices in line of class collaboration. Short, he must push the unions to regain its essence : produce movement leading to the emancipation of labor to eliminate the dominance of holders of capital and means of production and also eliminate the domination of the state that defends the legal structures that allow the private appropriation of social production. This, rather than lead a strictly economic struggle to ensure that these proprietors are willing to accept to be more "generous" in the redistribution of social production over wages. That's why I consider syndicalism is more relevant than ever and that his positions, its principles and its actions, can make tracks for the reappropriation of work solution (power) by the world's workers.



(1) I mean social production, all work performed by a company considering that each economic sector, functions and activities
are interdependent including e.g. : student work(sharing, acquisition and improvement of knowledge), student internships, Household work, education of children, autonomous work, citizen participation etc..

The absurdity of the world: poaching

The Communication Committee is proud to present the first transcription of chronic’Live Action. To start the ball rolling, the first column of Eric, is poaching in the health sector, exceeded topic? Nothing is less sure. The sad truth is that we had the right to a raiding campaign more typical. Changing the name of trade unions and find us in the construction sector, Public Service or the nearest you assembly line.

I decided to make this column, the absurdity of the world, presented to the Action radio program Direct, to show how we live in a world full of contradictions and how the establishment, Media, education and mastery of the official discourse often succeeds in us believe anything. It's also a bit of a snub to the various official and independent media right who say anything in a tone choleric. I decided to essentially do the same thing, but a progressive view.

Today I'll talk about the union health poaching. Basically, poaching, is when two union centers are fighting for the representation of a union certification unit. More or less, if you're in the CHUM nurses union, for example, there is a scheduled time in the law where you can change unions, for example, if the union was the CSN, it may decide to go to the FTQ. This one is special, because he was forced by the state. Not so long ago, our trade union centers were all united on the same floor, common front, everyone together against the government and against the health cuts. Then the government has passed the law 10, forcing a grouping, passing CSSS in CIUSSS, which modified union certification units. So instead of fighting this law there, Central decided to clashing to win new accreditation. Oh surprise, we hear no more of Law 10, Now all we hear, it is "our union is better, yours is worse, it has better insurance "etc.. So we can see that the winner of this raid forced out, it is the State, it is the employer, and it just shows how this is bad for trade unionism. It also comforts me in our positions, aux IWW, not to try to go grabber members to other unions and does not decide to accredit, because the government can easily decide to play with these accreditations to put shit in unions.

Before you start to get into the thick of it, I wanted you to hear this advertising FIQ (Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec) :

To describe some, a nurse is seen appears to be in a health facility awaits the elevator. A first door opens with a lot of people who have nothing to do with a nurse : a guy construction, a shop worker, a girl who plays the cello, even a fakir. and there, the nurse made a grimace can be interpreted as "cursed! it is not me ". and there, another door opens with Régine Laurent, the president of the FIQ, worse a nursing gang powder blue smocks that says "embark with us", we look like, Unlike everyone else!

What it tells us this publicity then, and why it is also a bit of bait, is that we should not unite as working class to deal, ensemble, the same pattern. for example, in health, there is, Yes, the professional, the health that the FIQ syndicates, but also, all kinds of craft quarters, as cooks, janitors, orderlies. The message that sends the FIQ, is that we must not unite with the other quarters of business, that have the same pattern as we struggle and solidarity. Non, FIQ'd rather enjoy their professional status-the health to get more crumbs than other quarters of business, considered less important. Short, do not unite on an industrial basis, all having the same boss, but do a craft unionism kind that allows a working elite of going to look for better conditions than their colleagues.


Heeding my courage, and following several discussions with comrades working in the health sector, I went on the website of the various corporatist unions to see the arguments they give for voting for them :

The first thing that strikes, is the emphasis on the insurance plans and union dues.

first argument.
Each union explains how her insurance plan is the best.
It seems to shopping an insurance policy.
Question : Do you trust your insurance company? Now imagine what degree of confidence of the people towards the unions ...

second argument : Our contributions are lower.
Without much explanation of why, all unions have the lowest fees and best managed. It's simple as "Pay less to get more in your pockets" This is also the sales pitch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (SCFP) to sell their votes. With CUPE, more money in your pockets.
There's even calculators how much you save on their website. By the way I checked, dues Wobblies beat all the competition, but OK.


third argument : It is the most numerous
Push this argument further. Did you know that the Journal de Montreal is the most read newspaper in Quebec ? Radio X is the most listened to radio in Quebec ? That gives you an idea ... So the FIQ which groups the most professional, CUPE is in FTQ, which has the largest number of members in Quebec, CSN is one that has the most unionized-e-s health. That gives you an idea ... It is the most numerous, so you are cellars if you are not with us.


fourth argument : Our employee-s are the best.
Another major trend, e-s-used of all these unions are the best, most competent, most helpful, best organized. You get the picture.

It comes almost to wonder why the IWW have chosen not to have employee-s. It's almost as if these unions boasted of being the best bosses. Or to be the best service machine, it still comes back to the old insurance salesman.

fifth argument : the goodies

They do not brag about it on their website, but everywhere on the workplace, central roam distributing various goodies to buy votes. This is so ridiculous that many workers and health workers went to collect. T-shirts, toques, agendas, crayons, bloc-notes, aprons and even glasses of champagne. There's nothing to say, the unions are really there for our needs in times of raiding. It's even worse than politicians campaigning.


Short, what should we learn from this?
Never, unions talk of militancy, direct democracy, collective defense, short of all that is the basis of trade unionism.
Business unionism is pathetic, shown in its most grime form, that the insurance salesman, that of the small peddler trying to get you for your contributions, that of the multinational trying to buy us blows advertising and empty slogans.


The government is the one that has gained across the board and the unions entered its high-speed game instead to join forces and fight.

Expect nothing central.




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Support for a general strike : not political repression in Catalonia

The IWW is in Montreal today solidarity with the population of Catalonia, our comrades of the CNT, but also with the Catalan unionists who mobilize and call for a general strike to assert the right to self-determination of the Catalan population and denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

Since the announcement of a referendum for the independence of Catalonia, the Spanish State has used the courts as much as force to prevent the vote. Whether the threats of imprisonment, Ad blocking polls, mobilizing thousands of police, arresting posters setters, searches, an army presence on the streets, the Spanish State has used force to deny a fundamental right : the right to self-determination.

We are in front of the Spanish consulate today to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State with regard to Catalonia. We are also here to give our support and solidarity with the Catalan people and witness to the courage of our comrades of the CNT unions and allies, who are mobilizing, call for a general strike and make actions to enforce the law in Catalonia and denounce the repression of the state.

We therefore ask the Spanish government to stop this violent campaign, This failure of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan population.

Our solidarity with the working people, Catalan union and the population of Catalonia, Your voice will be heard!

The IWW Montreal

The section of the IWW Montreal (Industrial Workers of the World, Industrial Workers of the World) expresses solidarity with the people of Catalonia today, our comrades of the CNT, as well as the Catalan and union mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination of the people to denounce violence and Catalan in Spain.

Since the announcement of a referendum on independence in Catalonia, Spain has used the courts and force to prevent the holding of voting. The threats of imprisonment, the announcement of the closure of the electoral colleges, mobilizing thousands of police, the arrest of people who have hung posters relating to referendum, the confiscation of material, the army presence on the streets, are some of the ways in which Spain has used force to deny a fundamental right: the right to self-determination.

Today we concentrated in front of the Spanish consulate in Montreal to denounce violence and contempt toward Catalonia in Spain. We are here concentrated and focused to express our support and our solidarity to the people of Catalan and witness the courage of our comrades of the CNT and its allied union, and actions are mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination and denounce the repression Catalonia State.

We call on Spain to stop the violent campaign, the violation of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan people.

All our solidarity with immigrant workers, the union and Catalan, so the people of Catalonia. Your voice heard!

Support for General Strike : Enough political repression in Catalonia

The IWW-SITT Montreal is, today, in solidarity with the people of Catalonia, nuestro'as compañero'as of the National Confederation of Labor and also with lo'as cataluño'as syndicalisto'as mobilisado'as and calling a general strike to defend the right of self-determination of the Catalan people and to denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

The Spanish government uses its justice system and violence to block the Catalan people since we know the date of the referendum for independence. Threatening to imprison, block polling, mobilize more than a thousand police, lo'as stop militants, perseguirlo'as and more, Spanish state uses force to deny a basic right - the right to self-determination!

So, We are today at the Spanish consulate to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State Catalonia. As well, We are here to support the Catalan people and testimonar the value and strength of nuestro'as compañero'as of the CNT and trade union allies, they are mobilizing, They call a general strike and carry out actions to defend the right of self-determination of Catalonia and denounce the repression of the Spanish government.

State tell the Spanish - Tu violence, your contempt for democracy and your political repression of the Catalan people "ENOUGH! »

Solidarity with trabajadore'as lo'as, catalane'as unionists and the people of Catalonia!

Your voice bring freedom!