The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers union is open to all members of the working class, or that they are employee-e-s, unemployed, student-e-s, Retired-e-s, held-es, volunteers, working at home or other. As mentioned in our constitution, the SITT-IWW s & rsquo; opposes sectarianism and discrimination, much to the & rsquo; within that & rsquo; to & rsquo; outside the workplace. No employee shall be excluded from SITT-IWW or s & rsquo; see deny & rsquo; access because of race, its origin or ethnicity, sex or gender, her nationality, his beliefs, her disability or sexual orientation.

join individually

There are different ways to get involved in ISTC-IWW. Union members have to tell them that we hold individuals and not the workplace. This means that you can become a member, even if the union is not yet implemented in your workplace, is to eventually bring your colleagues to build it with you and improve your working conditions, either to campaign in one or the other Committees of the Montreal Local and help other workers to organize. It n & rsquo; there is no minimum time to give to be considered an e-active or active member of the local. We all and all our priorities and responsibilities to the & rsquo; outside the Union and you are near and ready to go to the front and to invest heart and soul in a committee, you don & rsquo; have a few hours per month, do can give that & rsquo; a timely manner hand or your investment is limited to pay your union dues, any help is welcome and will be greatly appreciated!

In Group

You can also join the union group, to launch you into an organizing campaign or start a project, benefit from the experience and the solidarity of other members while giving them the benefit of your. So in a mutual exchange you build your local union while helping others to build theirs.

self-employed, Unique and cooperative owners

Finally, the SITT-unionized IWW also the self-employed, sole proprietors and cooperatives. In this way, you will join a network ever increasing militant-e-s and insert your project in an ideal and a united and revolutionary practice.


To get involved in the Industrial Union of Workers, n & rsquo; please contact us. Once your application is received, a volunteer delegate-e-e-take appointment with you to explain the & rsquo; ABC SITT-IWW and answer your questions. In doing so it will pick up your first contribution and provide you with your membership card before help you orient yourself in the Union.