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2021 : No more surviving, let's fight to live!

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, a bitter statement imposes itself : bosses, owners and politicians take the opportunity to crush a little more so-called essential workers, tenants and the working class in general. If measures have been put in place temporarily to avoid a catastrophic economic crisis,  with the huge budget deficits that are building, we bet that it is not to the big corporations and the rich that we go pass the bill. On the contrary, we risk seeing our social safety net cut like never.

It will be fine? Not sure, but for our union by against, no way to let it go. Do not let it go, because we are not alone. Number of community groups, of organizations feminists / anti-racists and trade unions are already fighting on several fronts to time. However, too often in silos and, especially at union level, of corporate way.

We therefore believe that while health measures are important, Above all, the time has come for collective anger, class solidarity and organization by and for the base. We think we must have a bigger project. The grumbling being palpable, it's time to reconnect strong and going to win better working and living conditions.

For that, we propose to work in view of May 1st 2021 on three claims linked to issues exacerbated by the crisis current. They are not new, but they are more urgent than never. We propose that these requests serve as benchmarks for autonomous and / or jointly organized direct actions between different organizations by International Women Workers' Day and workers.

Three claims to meet

Minimum wage at 21$ /h

For years and still today, inspired similar examples in the United States and other provinces, many community and union organizations, including us, claimed increasing the minimum wage to 15$ /h.

On the other hand, in the meantime, the cost of living continued to explode and the minimum wage increases decreed by the state Quebecers were as thin as they were insulting. In order to catch up not only lost time, but above all the loss of income caused by deaf ears of our neoliberal governments, the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers requires an increase in minimum hourly wage at 21$ /h, followed by an increase subsequent annual fixed at one dollar per hour.

Why 21$ /h? Because we don't want us content with the minimum to survive, we want to live well! Because in the end, this money is the result of our labor. While the workers and workers, suddenly declared essential, put themselves at risk by full pandemic, the bosses have made record profits on our backs, so nothing more normal that we were going to recover what is rightfully ours.

You have to remember that not everyone works 40 hours per week. We can think of women, to marginalized people or to students who have seen their work income in the last year lower even more than usual, so much to guarantee a capable salary to really provide for our needs.

Rent freeze

October 1 2020, the City of Montreal announces a freeze on property taxes. In ontario, the government has recently declared a rent freeze for the whole year 2021. When the announcement of a rent freeze in Quebec?

While tenants have been suffering for several months loss of income, most of the time they do not have the financial cushion of owners, no investments (home grabbing) which ones are leave to buy food. Adequate housing is a fundamental right. We shouldn't have to juggle feeding, to dress and find accommodation. However, according to the census of 2016, 36,5% tenant households Montrealers spent more than 30% of their income to rent. And the situation is not better in the rest of Quebec, with 33,7% tenants in the same situation.

Even the minimum wage of 21$ would not always be sufficient to offset the constant increase in rents. Proof, the average price of one 4 and a half for rent on Kijiji is now 1032$ per month. This is completely insane! Yes to a rent freeze!

A status for everyone world

Today, the pandemic makes visible to everyone the absurdity of the working conditions of immigrants. While the government publicly qualifies health care workers as the guardian angels of the people of Quebec, behind the behind the scenes he threatens these same people with deportation.

For too long, bosses took advantage of people without status to replace the local workforce better protected by standards of work by vulnerable workers who cannot to complain under penalty of deportation. That's enough!

Like many organizations with which we collaborate already, we require permanent residency status for all who want it, in order to prevent the business class from continuing to divide the working class to better dominate us. This measure is necessary for the rights workers and to promote solidarity with the fight against systemic racism. No to deportations! Yes to a status for everybody!

Why fight and unite now for May 1st 2021?

Because the next few years will not be more generous at the place of our class, unless we get started now. The future budgets will undoubtedly be marked by crass austerity. So we might as well prepare ourselves quickly to resist but also set the tone the most aggressively possible. It is the very foundation of our union thought : a well-organized social class is a dangerous class that can gain its struggles and dictate how to live better!

We are not proposing to create a coalition or an alliance formal, but a network of struggle where we can meet between organizations wanting to fight and help each other from time to time! It will make us pleasure to help you mobilize within your organizations and struggles!

It is on these bases that we jointly invite you to join us on May 1st, in order to shout our anger, to do hear our voices and demand what is rightfully ours. And let it be a springboard to sights, let us say, revolutionary!

To contact the union, here is our email address : [email protected]


17 month lockout at GMC Bérubé at Rivière-du-Loup

It's already been 17 month that employé.e.s home GMC Berube in Riviere-du-loup are locked out and picketed the garage at the rate of twenty hours per week. They were 13 in the beginning, but since, 3 filed their resignation against the arrogance of the bosses, calling it proud old man who must always be right. These are all mécanicien.nes, Workers in the body and préposé.e.s to parts that are now unemployed. These employé.e.s, many have 30 at 35 years of service to the garage and certain.e.s are agé.es more 60 years. Kick out people almost retired and have offered their work throughout these years, never enjoy the appreciation course, is doing in the dirty and greedy. It remains now that gérant.e.s and vendeur.se.s in establishing. For guarantees, the company sends client.e.s Montmagny or in Rimouski.

The collective agreement expired in February 2016. In July, the boss has left five days to decide whether to employé.e.s il.elle.s wanted to '' negotiate ''; or, it was the lockout. To begin negotiations, the boss said: «going to have to lower myself to consent 5,5 % in pension funds and two years of wage freeze, if not, we not lose time discussing. "With the premise that way, there is agreement that the negotiating word comes to take a slap. Basically, he asks them to drop their gains. The reason for this request: it must remain competitive. Sure, The option to lower his own salary was not a but more, the company is already competitive. For exemple, Volkswagon charging $ 99 / hr while GMC Bérubé request $ 94 / hr currently. At the competition aspect, we will return.

Last July, the employé.e.s finally agreed to a wage freeze but not the pension decrease. Thing the boss refused. Result: negotiations have not been included. It is important to remember that the pension fund has already been cut 5% in 2009. after negotiations, il.elle.s had finally accepted to cut their pay 1% per year over five years to keep the retirement fund.

Another return to the negotiating table was scheduled for 28 September 2017. The boss offered two scenarios (always BEFORE starting negotiations):

1- Acceptance of decline 5% the pension fund.

2- We keep the 5% pension funds, but cutting 4% on the indexed salary in year 2016.


We could quickly believe it's four 25 for a dollar. Well no, It's worse! because in 2016, la CSN (representing tou.te.s other syndiqué.e.s dealers in the region) obtained a gain 2,5% salary. This means that employé.e.s GMC Bérubé should lose 4% their salary + the 2,5% qu'il.elle.s did not get compared to other travailleur.se.s the region. We are talking over a pay cut of around 6,5%. Another osti pernicious and dishonest boss. Of course, the union and its members refused and negotiations have stalled.

As il.elle.s are locked out since 15 month, the employé.e.s therefore no longer entitled to unemployment. In September, il.elle.s asked the boss to do back at least to their unemployment stamps. The boss has offered to resume 3 for urgent needs. This offer was refused : It's everybody or nobody. A fine example of solidarity. In terms of other travailleur.se.s car dealers in the region, CSN union at, il.elle.s supported the GMC Bérubé employé.e.s home by a hot dog dinner and a picket of a day to offer more visibility during the summer.

The problem of this conflict is that with the loss of the banner in his GMC another garage in Trois-Pistole, the boss has received a large amount of compensatory money and it has deep pockets for cash a long labor dispute. It is therefore in no hurry to return to the negotiating table.

Because the world of "crossers" is small, imagine that the owner is very thug "chummy chummy" with the car dealers owners Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (Jean Dumas Multiconcessionnaires and Sewing Group). These same bastards who have been locked out more 450 for employees 35 month. Apparently a customary practice

in the middle. Not to mention the use of Scabs. Jean Dumas Multiconcessionnaires at the time had acquired an independent garage to make to its work during lockout. As this is a new facility, it was legal before the law. For GMC Bérubé, poor boss did not afford another garage (in Rivière-du-loup, because of course, he has another in Trois-Pistole). He therefore urged his son to be the Manager garage parts and so be able to continue its operations. He happily lost in court because of strike-breakers use. A beautiful family history stuff : The grandfather used capital, father used an iron hand and the son who serves scab… like what the rotten apples never fall far from the tree.

To finish, it will be interesting to monitor the sewing group has just bought the company ClicheAuto Beauce and leaves to predict the same scenario lockout shortly…



Christmas at the restaurant vegan Antidote: power and dismissal of abuse by texting.

Christmas is perhaps the corner, but it will not mean that our boss will stop treating us like shit. Sarah sent us the following result of his termination and it is with all our solidarity as we publish, because as she says : "We must stick together. »

Hello, My name is Sarah and I am a student. It's a week before Christmas and instead of rejoicing for the holidays, I fear the idea of ​​finding myself in the street for the winter.

Until last Wednesday 13 December 2017, I was working as a dishwasher at the restaurant "Antidote Bouffe Vegan" and I loved it. I did my job and I got along very well with each-e- s of employee- s. When I was hired on 18 September 2017, I was just so happy at the idea of ​​not having to live in my car with my dog ​​and finally be able to find me a rent, even if I was paid the minimum wage. My former boss, Elise Bellerose, runs this restaurant with her right arm, Arielle La Jardinière. About a month before my dismissal, Arielle this was done by Élise give mission to take care of the restaurant when it is absent or spa. I think she saw in there a way to gain power and a
good reputation in the eyes of the boss.

Quietly, Arielle began to install a climate of intimidation in the restaurant, almost tou-te- s the employee- s began to receive threats of dismissal for reasons that were not valid or even true. All we did or said could be turned against us. Lorsqu'Élise came to talk to us, it was for us blame things she was not aware that by hearsay Arielle. We were walking on eggshells. Certain-e- s of us would even pretend to sympathize with Arielle for fear of losing their jobs, even if repeatedly used and myself (Once) were done deal "slut" by it, under the pretext that it was a joke. Another diver loved tou-te- s resigned because he refused to be talking like a nobody. We tried to talk to Elise, but she did not want to know.

About a week before my dismissal, I came out of the kitchen to see if there were dirty dishes in front and to go put toilet paper in the bathroom, because it's my job. This day -There, Elise was absent, but Arielle was there. On my way to the bathroom, she said : "Come here Sarah. » . Already there,I knew it was announced hurt. She then told me an arrogant tone : "Go therefore wash your little corner back!! Did not you back and deal ! »

I was really insulted and I told him that it did not report and I did not agree with the way she talks to me; especially since she has no idea of ​​the spots I have to do. About two hours later the same evening, I have three friends who came to eat at the restaurant and returning forward to pick up dirty glasses, I pass them and they ask me what is good on the menu. I pause a minute to advise and a waitress comes directly to me and told me not to do it, I have to be careful, because Arielle told her she had an eye on me and she would say to Elise I was wasting my time.

So I went back in the kitchen, I was angry and I was tired of this climate of fear in the restaurant. I decided to text my boss. A cook has advised me not to do to not lose my job. But I knew Arielle was going to tell my boss that I was working evil, then I had to defend my point. I wrote him that I
understand why Arielle had that attitude with me and that if they did not like my job at this point, I would like to be aware. She never answered, but the next morning, she hung a note in the room employee who said Arielle had as many rights it on what was happening in the restaurant during his
absence and that we had to, the employees, we "deal" with it. So I got my answer ... Never Elise, yet is the boss, has asked to speak to me or nothing. When I croisais, it's as if I never had texted him nothing. I said it was going to just stay like that.

But last Wednesday, the 13 December 2017, at 1:14 p.m. just before my shift 17:00, it is
get one from Elise text message saying the following.

" Hello Sarah, sorry to tell you this by text, Antidote but will not need to
your services. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any questions, text me. good
luck for the future. Élise. »

I could not believe that I had just lost my job like that, a snap. I obviously retexté to understand his motive, but I was never rewritten. I contacted the Labor Standards, whether I was entitled to at least a two week notice or any compensation. They said no, because it does
was not three months ... .It was missing only 5 days before it makes three months. The employee- s Antidote restaurant now stand the tight buttocks and fear losing their jobs like me. Arielle is always present there. I also fear that it refers to other employee- s.

I did an unemployment claim, but I already know that I do not have enough hours. I sold my car to the scrap, it will allow me to have at least January insured with a roof over your head, me and my faithful dog. For the rest I do not know and I admit that it scares me. I hope soon to find me another job. Thank you for reading and sil-you- Please share in large numbers, in solidarity with those who live on workplace bullying.
We must stick together. Good Bye.




Photo credit: The Huffington Post Quebec.
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Panorama of past struggles and future Gaspésie

1909- Everywhere in Gaspésie, fishing is conducted by foreign companies of & rsquo; Jersey, with the head Charles Robin, Collas and Co. Charles Robin is by far, the worst employers ; Indeed it puts up the "Robin system" : it ensures loyalty forced the fisherman to the retailer. To do this , s & rsquo; he wants to pay his debt accumulated during the & rsquo; winter in the general store run by the same trader, the fisherman can not see a solution : increase the amount of cod caught the next season. However, as is Robin decides the price of products and sockets, repayment is, every season, far from complete.

September 1909, fishermen learn that merchants set the price of cod quintal 3,50$ so that & rsquo; they expected 5 piastres. The situation is clear : we must act collectively in & rsquo; interest of everyone. It is with in fear, but raised fist, fishermen begin their claims on the fourth day of September. Starting from small villages near Rivière-au-Renard, the population began a march that leads the up & rsquo; the place where traders located ,with the intention of ending more & rsquo; d & rsquo a century; operating.

Following the & rsquo; history is predictable, Merchant appeal to the armed forces to ensure their safety, Punishment is implemented, there will be death, wounded, imprisonment among fishermen and claims will be rejected. However, several years later, fishermen will be organized into cooperatives to break the monopoly in place and will become available as the direct influence of traders. The revolt of the fishermen was the first step towards their emancipation from unscrupulous employers. Through this collective movement, fishermen n & rsquo; not learned that & rsquo; to demand better terms from their bosses, but especially, they understood that & rsquo; they had s & rsquo; organize to be able to pass d & rsquo; them.

1957- Best known recently highlighted due to its 60th anniversary : the strike of miners in Gaspésie Murdochville . The main cause of the strike was the refusal of employers & rsquo; affiliation of workers and ourières a more combative union versus the company union and Catholic whom he was affiliated-the-art. The strike was also heavily repressed and no direct gain was obtained by strikers. Two d & rsquo; them died during the conflict, about 500 were dismissed and replaced by scabs. However, recognizes aujourd & rsquo; hui this uprising, in the reign of Duplessis, was the trigger many other social movements. He forced the implementation of some reforms towards the & rsquo; partial improvement of working conditions and above, to the right of workers to choose the union of their choice instead of & rsquo; a system of representation of men and women workers. This system of representation, often set up by employers, indeed favored a permanent peace between the two parties. Despite this victory, this union culture inherited from the Catholic unions still persists.

So, behind a holiday destination image, Gaspésie, through its history since colonization, is d & rsquo theater; major battles between productive forces vs. the owners of capital and means of production. Of course, this relationship of domination of the latter on the first is always d & rsquo; news.

Speaking holiday destination, seasonal work related to the & rsquo; tourism industry here is a prime economic sector. Small traders, in the field of food e.g., must enjoy the summer windfall to accumulate the necessary capital to keep afloat their business and their rate of consumption in the & rsquo; year, while the employee hopes to accumulate enough & rsquo; hours to collect his unemployment to his layoff once the season or, if he or she is a student-e, to try & rsquo; accumulate the necessary to survive a school year. So, the seasonal-eras employees must produce intensively during the summer and it, despite the weak received salary. The shopkeeper will say then have to offer small salaries during the & rsquo; was to garner sufficient economies and low wages remains the & rsquo; year, to take up & rsquo; in the next season.

This is what m & rsquo; leads to speak of & rsquo; first difficulty in the field of & rsquo; organization and claim. C & rsquo; is that & rsquo; it seems difficult, in this context, to demand better working conditions without being accused of s & rsquo; take "small businesses that sustain the & rsquo; local economy". The pretext of "economic insecurity" of small businesses seems to justify Gaspé, the eyes of many, precarious workers, workers and students with Gaspésie-nes. So, people working d & rsquo; hard in the kitchen, dining rooms, cafes, various shops for tourists to feel es received as king and queen, forever play the role of disposable economic support and cheap serving patrons and tourists.

Another difficulty d & rsquo; here in the same field towards the fact that in this environment where everyone knows, conflict situations seem to be avoided at all costs, for fear that & rsquo; they affect social relationships outside work and that the names of the persons concerned do not become synonymous with "trouble maker" and so they lead to some exclusion from the labor market, problem less present in the & rsquo; anonymity of large urban centers.

A third difficulty is the short-term nature of the season in which these jobs abound. Cultural change is long to perform and requires constant involvement of many people. Many of these workers n & rsquo; is that passage, they and they leave behind them and the same working conditions that & rsquo; they arrive, thinking that anyway it n & rsquo; is only temporary. The winter season would be a good time to s & rsquo; organize those who inherit this precarious situation in & rsquo; year.

Besides this, sing here often promise better days thanks to the & rsquo; arrival of big industry : Pulp (Gaspésia), cement (McInnis cement in Port-Daniel), oil (Pétrolia), the industry & rsquo; wind (LM windpower)etc. These industrial giants, in collaboration with the & rsquo; State finance, are as the safeguard for the region. "They would bring jobs and prosperity", so that & rsquo; many times, this type of economic model that generates unemployment and devitalized. Indeed, except in the case of LmWindpower that engages hundreds of workers and workers, these industries advocate the & rsquo; purchase & rsquo; automated equipment and n & rsquo; brings and some jobs that will disappear as soon as the & rsquo; business will suffer the jolts d & rsquo; any economic crisis on Wall Street or d & rsquo; administrative decisions taken far d & rsquo; here. So, they will leave behind people without income and polluting ruins. Short, it seems to me that & rsquo; work organization by and for workers in the & rsquo; optical d & rsquo; an improvement of all the quality of life and all would probably be greater than a distribution of work by d & rsquo leaders, businesses and d & rsquo; state, deciding to produce any and n & rsquo; anything, provided that & rsquo; there is a profit to be drawn for each other and for their campaign promises to create jobs seem to be held, the risk of & rsquo; d & rsquo add, other social and environmental scars in the region.

To conclude, throughout their history, people d & rsquo; here have endured d & rsquo; intolerable treatment by d & rsquo; economic and political elites, as the sea that & rsquo; at the bottom of the mine through the & rsquo; factory. On the other hand, l & rsquo; popular history also shows us that when it's time to stick together among peers to improve our conditions, passion, l & rsquo; organization and & rsquo; action are waiting for you. A long work remains to deconstruct the prejudices that divide the working population, especially for those without jobs, or between permanent es and seasonal workers (unemployed and seasonal es chômeuseuses). Also, with a new "chapter" of the d & rsquo group The Pack extreme right in Gaspésie, the issue of racism and fascism becomes a priority, without forgetting the struggles against sexism, l & rsquo; homophobia, Aboriginal struggles etc.. The SITT-IWW account here very few members currently, but its development in the area seems to me very relevant and even urgent. So, s & rsquo; there are people interested to come "salter" in the corner, embarrass you not!


Photo credit: Camping Québec.
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Fier-era to be part of a union singing: the struggle to Ellen & rsquo; s Stardust Diner

The Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a New York institution, a place or Broadway actors and actresses do not wait table, but there singing songs of their shows when there are them. It is also a place or there is currently an ongoing labor dispute that has seen mass removals, strikes, demonstrations and picket lines that returned Morning food deliveries.

The employees of Ellen's were organized with the IWW-es for much of the past year. their union, Stardust Family United, came out in the streets, raising their voices and raising their fists to defend and improve their working conditions.

Several Stardusters worked at the restaurant from time to time over the years. According to them, Ellen's was a really nice place to work. Managers were accommodants when it came time to leave for a show. And despite the large number of waiters and waitresses taking off for the stage, Ellen's was a tight knit community. It was a place or workers developed their talent and was building friendships that crossed years.

All it would change last year when the new administration was introduced.

The art manager stopped being accommodative when Fri.has time to take leave. Workers denouncing security problems or complained of sexual harassment were ignored or es, even worse, returned es restaurant. Workers longtime, including some who had multiple-es many years of service to double digit, were returned es without recognition of their services.

So the idea came to form a union. Workers have contacted some local unions and the IWW New York proved most receptive, quickly arranging training d & rsquo; organization for employees of Stardust. Workers found solidarity unionism model of the IWW, which focuses on the basic control and direct action approach to organize, as a model of solidarity that had already established them in their workplace.

For some time, the organization took place under the radar. Problems relating to health and safety were raised and workers used the internal communication system to pressure management. He and they also organized a " march on the boss "To get back their tip seal and it was after this action and that they decided to come out publicly as a union. The spot where he chose them to do so : The New York Times.

Workers do not have vote for the election a labor council, rather asking the owner, Ken Sturm, to negotiate directly with them and they.

In the beginning, Executive suggested that & rsquo; ele would cooperative. But it did not last. Shortly after the union came out publicly, Sturm has hired a syndicate of dismantling firm and invented reasons to return more 15 Employees suspected es to be leaders that led to the union launched.

Workers responded with a chant strike (a singing strike), refusing to perform during their shifts.

Then something remarkable happened; the restaurant was closed for the day. nor 11 September, nor the passage of Hurricane Sandy had successfully forced the bosses of Ellen's closing, but workers have shown that remaining silent Artists-only, it them had the power to stop it in restaurant.

Following the recent layoffs, countryside really began to heat up. The workers have gathered new and new employees to rebuild the number of union members. He them have successfully defend against their employer attempts to learn new songs on their own personal time. He had obtained them from the administration, a return to an appropriate level of staff. An unstable part of the scene involving injury was finally replaced.

Some months later, Ken Sturm has engaged in another round of illegal mass dismissals. When clast ette, sure 70 servers and serveuses which were employees at the time of formation of the union, half were returned es. Again, some-es worked there for over 6 years, even talk of 20 some years to es. The National Labor Relations Board declined following a request of the union for an injunction.

References n 'however not stopped the campaign. It was after all these references that Stardusters staged their most radical action : a twelve-hour strike during the "rush" Friday night.

In an action separate working, workers refused es to be filmed by a Brazilian film crew who had entered a sort of deal with the administration. He them spontaneously created a petition and presented it to the management on the floor, who was forced to fold it.

some participant es when these actions were working the restaurant for only a few weeks. All this is a testimony to the success that the workers have managed to build in the restaurant to stand up for oneself and for others.

Workers were beaten es ardently with actions including staff who had been sent : weekly musical events, a "sip-in" (Action in which supporters of union present at the restaurant and leave a great tip without buying anything), « phone and Facebook blasts », and target other businesses associated with owner Ken Sturm.

At a certain point, l’administration a even brought in outside musicians to try to drown the sounds of Saturday night pickets. However, it was discovered that those it was union members who born musician, after a discreet word, es have joined for a few protest songs and soon after left. L’administration n'a not tried this tactic again from.

It was recently Stardust seen staff return deliveries with their musical picketse.

behind them regular action at work, the “Stardust Family United” regularly holds a fundraiser "Stardust after dark" and launched its own page Facebook and his site web. Its members are also related to d & rsquo; other employees of the restaurant are afillié to & rsquo; IWW, in building especially a relationship with " Burgerville Worker Union »Portland.

The campagne a motherme his propre theme song, written by an-e member de la “Stardust Family United” and recently taken by Tom Morello as a tribute to the dedication and creativity of workers of Stardust.

Stardust workers that include them are taken, are in a long process , despite the answers illegales and draconian Administration, He them are determined es to continue fighting and continue singing until them earn.


For more information, check out the link below. If you go through the city of New York, take a look at them page Facebook for events and fundraising events. If you are outside, If you-please consider making a donation :https://www.youcaring.com/stardust-family-united-634720/donate?utm_source=widget#wp

A dozen workers and workers have so far have was sent-es and New York is an expensive city, all you can give would be greatly appreciated assistance. in parallel, why your union local branches or political groups do not would organize a fundraiser to support these inspiring es workers ?

Chilli Sauce, mars 2017

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Singing a restaurant in New York is organizing with the IWW

This is a new campaign SITT-IWW, and more exciting, which was recently launched in New York. Workers of Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square came out publicly in late August 2016. This is known as Stardust Family United that these workers have réuni.es to respond to hazardous working conditions, arbitrary firings and harassment at work.

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Solidarity e-s-order of the Labour Act

In solidarity with those who have fought and still fighting against the Labour Act and "the world", the SITT-Montreal IWW organized a fundraiser to help the group Collective Defense (DefCol) from Paris, and offering supportt moral and financial arrêté.e.s to persons and / or incarcéré.e.s in connection with the movement that began this spring. This amount is of course symbolic, but it is an international solidarity must be maintained in order to fight the system that starves us and plunges us into poverty.

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operating prison, union response!

The Prisoners form for many decades already the line
forehead of a production system based on slavery. Coincé.es between four walls
the duration of their sentence, they and are often forcé.e.s to work for wages
ridiculous and inhumane conditions. Under the guise of wishing they lie and they make to society what they and they would have taken him or at least they contribute and to pay what it costs to keep them in custody, US prison complex offers more regularly the services of this labor at low cost to private companies.

Considering that the majority of people who passed through the prison system will return there,
they and they are mostly issu.e.s of racialized communities and for the expansion that took the prison system in the US (70 million state-uniens and uniennes states have criminal records and nearly one percent of the population is behind bars) there is no longer any doubt that this is not only a way to put the unemployed to forced labor, but also to ensure that the most démuni.e.s of society not to express their discontent. That is why from the beginning of the year 2014, Members of the IWW contacted by prisonnier.es helped form the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee iwoc(IWW-IWOC). The objective was clear, it was easy connection Prisoners wanting to organize as the foundation of trade unionism to improve their living conditions. In just a few months, more than 700 cards were signed, making the IWOC one of the largest unions in modern IWW in the US.

At the beginning of last April, mobilization has reached a record high when strikes broke out in seven state prisons Texas. Taking the slogan "We are in it for you, you are outside for us" at the foot of the letter, the local members of the IWW from around the world grabbed their phones to call the authorities concerned to emphasize their support for IWOC and their dissatisfaction with the conditions in which these and past are obligé.e.s work, thus causing a complete blockage of Communications Department of Criminal Justice of Texas. Many strikes continued until spontaneous 27 April or refusing to work in the storm, incarcerated workers of the prison Estelle, Always in Texas, let know that they could become the 8th state prison to fall in general strike. Faced with this threat, The authorities responded by pulling force the prisoners to their cells, making use tear gas and batons before placing a plurality of containment cells and prohibit their contact with the outside.

Not shrinking threat, the 10 June, 7 prisonnier.es the Waupun Correctional Institution and Columbia Correctional Institution began a hunger strike to draw attention to the inhumanity of confinement cells. As of publication, the 7 prisonnier.es would be their third day without food and IWOC not stop there having already announced a national general strike 9 September.

For more & rsquo; information, visit the IWOC or visit its biannual daily on the Incarcerated Worker



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Solidarity with horses and Coursières bike in San Francisco

There are few days, while a first meeting of the members of the Organizing Committee for Union and Coursières bike couriers in Sprig.Inc in San Francisco was organized, the employer decreed the equivalent of a lockout a week followed by a return to work with a time cut in half.

Couriers and Coursières bike that was already that 13,50 /h, subject to company policy forbidding them to be tipped, thus view their schedule to spend thirty hours per week to 3 hours to 15h only. While organizations have addressed the issue to evaluate the living wage 14,37 for the San Francisco area, recall that the carrier and make a trade Coursières also physically demanding and dangerous. One particular requires them and they are able to cross distances 3 5km urban in less than 15 minutes.

Union members have already met many times with the direction of Sprig.Inc to demand compensation for the hours and work days that were cut, as well as wage increases and better working conditions, but the employer seems determined to let the case drag as long as possible. Couriers and Coursières bike in San Francisco, Industrial grouped under the Union 540, therefore call for the solidarity of individuals, communities and organizations to support them in their efforts.

For medium couriers and Coursières bike negotiation:



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Wobblies worldwide

The United States, in Canada, in Britain and the & rsquo; Ireland, through Norway, l & rsquo; Germany, Lithuania, l & rsquo; Austria, Switzerland, Greece, l & rsquo; Australia and China, the Industrial Workers of the World are more than ever this Union to & rsquo; globally. But what do our organizers and organizing our spread to the four winds? What are their plans? What are their struggles? C & rsquo; is to these questions that attempt somehow to meet this new column, which each month will put the spotlight on the activities of the Wobblies from around the world!

The 9 January 2016, the Committee of General Defense Local 14 Minneapolis joined the Quinn family, Native Lives Matter, Idle No More, AIM, Black lives matter and many & rsquo; others to go protest in the cold to demand justice for Phil Quinn, murdered by police in Minneapolis in December 2015. The green line of the subway system and the & rsquo; University Avenue were blocked while the shares of disturbances took place in a Target, Walmart and Food Club. (Industrial Workers Winter 2016) A month later the CDG Local 14 participating in a new share, this time for Jam12744270_1729009820645471_1093583573150809589_nar Clarck, also murdered by the Minneapolis police. The next day the CDG, the IWW African People's Caucus and members of the Minneapolis branch come together for a day of discussing and training, especially about the & rsquo; increased police violence.

The 28 January, Members of the Boston branch are presented for 4e both the District Court Quincy, in solidarity with the arrested locking the & rsquo; motorway 93 when Martin Luther King Day. Number & rsquo; them and they also attend weekly to tow days of fellow workers of the Museum Independent Security Union, which are imposed not possible following times to a hiring freeze.

From the first days of February, the Wobblies Pennsylvania participate in pickets to protect more 10 000 trees that threatens to cut to encourage the construction & rsquo; pipeline.

The 1is February Portland branch walks alongside workers at Portland State University Graduate Student Union as they publicize their campaign by dropping off their applications at the office of the president.

The 4 February the Wobblies of Greece participated in a general strike that paralyzed public transport, airplanes, the boats, taxis, schools and left that & rsquo; a living wage of employees in hospitals, all in order to counter the reforms of the old age pension.


The 15 February Branch and Washington 27 Feb. branch Whatcom-Skagit participate in blockades in solidarity with Familias Unidas por la Justicia farm workers union, which currently calls for a boycott of fruit Driscoll. Boycott that & rsquo; d & rsquo IWW accepted; endorse at its last international convention.

The same day, many prisoners gathered under the banner of the Free Movement Virginia, echoing the Alabama Free Movement, join IWWs to launch campaigns against the treatment of incarcéré.es workers.

The 17 February, Members of the Branch Milwaukee participate in a solidarity picket with enseignant.es Wisconsin.

The 18 February, branch Madison participates in widespread wildcat strike in & rsquo; State met tens of thousands of workers and immigrant.es workers in the streets to challenge a proposed anti-immigrant legislation. The same evening the Madison Infoshop (Industrial union 620 IWW ) Branch and Madison, in collaboration with the Lakeside Press Printing Coop (IWW) organizing a conference on the popular uprising that gripped in Wisconsin 2011.

The 19 February, le Irish Center for Histories of Labour and Class, located in Galway, Ireland, launched a call for contributions in order to draw a portrait of the legacy of the & rsquo; IWW in Ireland and in the diaspora Irish.

The 21 February, Pittsburgh Wobblies participating in Malcolm X Legacy Brunch accompanied by the New Afrikan Independence Party.

The 24 February took place a manifestation of 300 persons before the courts of London in solidarity with 13 militant.es environmentalists, including 4 Members of the & rsquo; IWW, arrêté.es for actions against the extension of the & rsquo; d & rsquo Airport, Heathrow.

The 25 February 2016, members of the Sister Workers Canvass Camelot Union celebrated the third anniversary of their union. The struggle of the SCCU not only represents the first strike organized by the Minneapolis branch, she is too, without a doubt, the longest that the Union has known since its revival in the early 2000, and allowed the creation of the North Country Food Alliance, a work cooperative democratically managed by a dozen Wobblies which redistributes organic food. (Industrial Workers Winter 2016)