Communication Committee

This committee is the central communication of the Union. The people involved s & rsquo; handles all social media accounts that & rsquo; we have (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, E-mail, Blog), and Combat Trade Union, the French-language newspaper of the IWW SITT-branches in Quebec. Furthermore, We also broadcast a radio program : "Live Action".

It & rsquo s committee also dealss translations of the Union, to make primary documents SITT-IWW accessible to the & rsquo; French audiance. If you are able to do translations in French, English or Spanish, c & rsquo; is in this committee as it happens !

You don & rsquo;'re not in & rsquo; comfortable with translations but you write talent, graphic and correction ? Thou art and welcome aboard !

To get in touch with the committee, please use the contact page.

Event-Merchandise Committee

The event committee merchandise s & rsquo; d & rsquo occupies; organize social events, cultural events and training events. It is also responsible for merchandise orders, the commodity itself and the press tables. The committee organized according to the interests of members in outings, BBQ, film screenings, brunch at the sugar shack, etc. Every year since 3 years, the committee organizes a d & rsquo training camp summer cottage, on a weekend in June. Furthermore, the committee in charge of the campaign i2018.

Women's Committee

Description coming.

Organizing Committee

The role of the organizing committee of the IWW-Montreal is SITT, as indicated by his name, to take care of all tasks related to the organization of workplaces. Its mandate is therefore to provide information, funds, help organizers and external organizing and advice to any organizing campaign, and this from the moment it is only an uncertain idea in the head of a worker or of a worker until she is victorious. This mandate may also continue beyond that point by offering support and advice to already unionized workplaces if they feel the need. The organizing committee is a school, both for its members beginner-e-s for the more experienced-e-s, each campaign giving rise to unique situations that allow everyone to learn how to train them and ourselves and to form a strong succession which enjoys the best advice of more experienced organizers-e-s.

Solidarity Committee

The solidarity committee has several tasks.

First the committee responsible for the implementation of most campaigns SITT-IWW Montreal. Some of these campaigns are carried out over the long term, Reclaim as our country pays your, while other campaigns are circumstantial and limited in time.

Secondly, the solidarity committee also has the vocation to turn to the & rsquo; outside SITT-IWW and express our solidarity with the rest of the working class. In this sense, Our activities are also multiple : material support, moral and physical to workers in struggle that express a need, whether through our presence on the picket lines, demonstrations, solidarity actions, display, fundraisers, etc.

Sometimes we are asked for help and other times we offer our support, but the solidarity committee always responds ! While you hast desire to build bridges with external groups or organizations, or hast you want to strengthen solidarity within our group, the Solidarity Committee is a good gateway for your involvement in the union.