strike record in France

On the other side of the ocean, each new day of strike up the bar a little higher and is approaching records set in May 68.

Entering already in its fifth week of activity, the protest movement against the reform of the pension plans currently taking place in France already stands as one of the biggest strikes the country has long been known.  The 2 January, railwaymen of the National Society of French railways (SNCF), outperformed strikes 1995 and 2010 and smashed their previous record 28 consecutive days, established 1986.

While nothing suggests a quick exit, many media, such Nouvel Observateur (Note l') and The Independant, announced that the current strike could appear as the third longest in the history of France, just behind the events of May 1968 and the Common Front of 1936. It must be said that the walkout began with great pomp, when the 8 December:

More than a million workers had demonstrated in the streets of more than 300 cities, public transport was stopped in Paris and in many cities many planes remained grounded, more than 70% of teachers were on strike with many schools closed, the staff of public and private hospitals has also been at the heart of the battle. It's the same in private companies, where salairé.es have largely mobilisé.es.  (CNT-F)

While some observers have noted some slowing actions that place side by side the employé.es rail and air, Health, education, oil production and some areas of justice, resume negotiations, the 7 January, could very well put oil on the fire.


Photo credit : Paule Bodilis

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