Decreased school tax: CAQ wishes a merry christmas to his buddies full of cash

The draft laws to 'standardize' 'school tax arrives just in time for the wealthy Quebec can still spoil a little Christmas. And U.S? Let eats shit.


So far the school tax was included as a fixed rate per region, based on evaluation of a property (residential or commercial). That is to say that in Montreal, for example, Each owner had to pay 0,18 cents per 100$. The owners of a house valued at 300 000$ So some paid annually 540$ to finance the school board of its territory. Over the residence is big, most expensive residence, more one can imagine that the owners have money and therefore the tax bill is high.


Or, These are substantial savings that this new bill introduced on Thursday 6 Last December the National Assembly will do our bosses who will therefore, pay even less tax.


Le Journal de Montreal revealed this week that the Desmarais family, only for his mansion area Sagard, would see its tax bill drop 169 000$ at 57 000$ per year. By including some of their other properties, we talk about a savings of over 146 000$ for the richest family in Quebec.


Robert Gratton, former President of Power Financial (also belonging to the Power Corporation of Desmarais) whose estate is valued at 30,4 millions, will meanwhile his tax bill lightened 25 000$.


Julia Posca, researcher for IRIS, it is a regressive tax that will only serve to widen the imbalance between Quebec households.


Rage and Solidarity,


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