Child labor and poor working conditions are the norm in the production of soccer balls

While cutting the Soccer World is in full swing, we went behind the scenes of this event, where usually lurk unscrupulous exploitation, cheap labor, repression, anything that shapes the true face of our global society.

Thirteen years after the solemn commitment of the industry and brands to end child labor in the stitching footballs, a new report released by the Clean Clothes Campaign stresses that child labor and poor working conditions remain the industry standard.

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Child labor, poisonings and suicides in series: Apple under fire

The famous Apple logo Apple company could well prove to be a poisoned fruit for working people who toil to produce goods at a discount Apple then sells at a high price. Child labor, suicides in series, starvation wages, miserable working conditions, industrial accidents and stocking workers, it seems that Steve Jobs, guru-president of the company, has built his fortune on the blood and sweat of workers.

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An NGO denounces the "sweatshops" of Microsoft in China

Original publication National Labor Committee, translationCounter Info

The National Labor Committee denounces the working conditions of the Chinese factory KYE which produces computer peripherals for Microsoft and several American brands. Students recruited by the factory work more than 80 hours per week for 37 euro cents an hour (0,5 dollar). The rates are such (130 mice per hour) that exhausted employees sometimes sleep at their workstation during breaks. The workers are accommodated in more than basic collective dormitories and do not have showers.

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"Rebuilding Haiti" for its poverty wages

Bill Van Auken, WSWS

"Because it is a poor country and the labor market is relatively unregulated there, labor costs in Haiti are competitive with those in China, the country with which you have to compare yourself worldwide "

Government ministers, International Bankers and Humanitarian Organizations Gathered in Montreal Monday to Discuss Haiti's Reconstruction Plans, ravaged by an earthquake. At the heart of their proposals is the exploitation of Haitian workers at poverty wages.

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A Love Inc., a Montreal sweatshop, one even loses his dignity ...

amourIn recent years, the garment industry in Montreal is undergoing substantial changes. From the perspective of neoliberal globalization, Companies borrow more and more the way of relocation : factories are closed here and the machines shipped in the South, where labor, underpaid, costs less. The dismissed workers, On the other hand, often find themselves on the carpet… It happened to Peerless, The trap, Main Knitting. At Golden Brand – where Moores Inc clothes are made. - the 540 laid-off workers got 3,5 million dollars in compensation thanks to pressure from Unite Here, their union. À l’Amour Inc., on the other hand, laid-off workers, mostly immigrant women, were unable to benefit from the support of theirs, a “boutique union” imposed by the employers in order to turn the organizational desires of its employees to its advantage. On another side, an organization truly run by and for its members would have enabled workers to save, in the absence of their employment, their dignity and some furniture.

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