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brief union

– Last week, the 14 January, the 6000 Toronto outside workers joined the 20 000 White-collar workers who seek a strike mandate to their union in negotiations of collective agreements. – Also last week, Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (SCFP) have […]

Some highlights from labor and labor 2015

– The year began strongly with the invalidation of the law on essential services in Saskatchewan by the Supreme Court of Canada. Indeed, this law attacking the right to strike was considered harmful since it attacked the fundamental right of association of employee-e-s, including strike. And since the strike is a weight […]

A 9 December of national strike, chapter I

The Common Front and the Federation of Trade Unions of Education (FSE-CSQ) promised one day general strike for Wednesday 9 December, and they kept their word! According to official sources, it is more 434 000 Workers who do not return to work today. While in Quebec several thousand enseignant.es […]

Portrait of the current situation.

From the post-war to the 70s, significant workers' struggles have helped advance the recognition and establishment of unions, through these legal gains, were able to win important victories for the working class as a whole, and not only to syndiqué.e.s. These mechanisms of recognition and supervision contributed to the integration of the unions in […]

100th commemoration of the assassination of Joe Hill

The 19 November we commemorate the execution of Joe Hill, revolutionary activist, poet, songwriter, designer and wobbly first line and the first time. Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, said Joe Hill, born in Sweden on 7 October 1879. Dreaming of a better life, he joined the tens, even hundreds of thousands of immigrant-e-s European-do-s, mainly Original […]

One year with the SITT-IWW Montreal

Here twelve months I was active in the Montreal chapter of the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers - Industrial Workers of the World (SITT-IWW). This organization is actively involved in union renewal made necessary by our time. I would like to explain a little what attracted me to this union . History start, a brief history […]