Unpaid wages for two undocumented workers : A win to start the year!

A new annIt ise has ended and once again, it was synonymous, for many workers, impay of wagesIt iss, de congIt isdiements ofIt isguisIt iss andintimidation by their employers. Too often, these bosses malhonnwillyour trying to sen tirer requireIt isment.

This was the case rIt isRecently two undocumented workers. Canada pass for a few months, they were embauchIt iss like diving in a branch restaurantIt is Fancy and St-Henri. PayIt iss under the table, they were to receive their latest hpisc through theaddress ofa friend and, once left for their countryrespective home.

IT ISvidemment, the chisn cashave never It istIt is envoyIt iss. Difficult to put pressure when one is not in the rIt isgion, when neither the français norEnglish is our language ofusage.

ContactIt is byfriend of our two comrades, the union sis set in motion. We Premiissurely appealIt is their former boss to inform him of the situation. The chef was quick to deny Connaîbe his two former employeeIt iss and tentIt is the dIt isvier conversation, to finally admit at hints that if two people it It iscrivaient on his personal email he would try to clarify « the situation ».

So we rIt isyouIt is a small message on our behalf and that of the two workersIt issIt iss we have sent himIt is. AT as well as it'at lDirectors restaurant, and this while mentioning thata rider rIt isNo responseIt isNEGATIVE from them, we would begin a public campaign at their place. rIt isponse ne swas swift. Suddenly, the restaurant's patrons remembered the work performedIt is and held by our comrades at rIt ismucus that simple « misunderstanding ». the chisques It iswere prwillts the next day and bosses sexcusaient.

If our employers like to use boundaryisres as prIt isText malfeasance orintimidation, the solidaritIt is union must abolish. The Labor standards are assumedIt iswe're protIt isgives, but they take little account of the rIt isalitIt is we live every day. Cis that so often the boss stry at fly wages, the Ndepends only'at we, workers, for RIt isproclaim that we are the! We will continue to 2018 at help our alisguages ​​and comrades at their rights, but also at sorganiser.

Happy New YearIt ise of union struggles!

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