Your boss or former boss owes you money ? Claim your pay with the SITT-IWW !

You got fired and your boss still owes you your 4% that he promises you "for next week" every week for two months? The company you work for has closed and the bosses have paid their creditors in whom they own shares of the company, but not you and your colleagues? Accumulated hours are due to you and were never paid to you after the end of your employment contract?

Unfortunately, this type of situation happens very frequently.. Indeed, many bosses circumvent wage and benefit laws or tend to make “oversights” or “mistakes” that benefit them, only to then leave them lying around despite our repeated requests for them to be resolved. There is always the administrative labor tribunal to help us, but more often than not we need that money NOW to pay our rent and we can't wait several months to get it. What recourse do we have??

Well, the SITT-IWW has something to offer…

Pay your claims, you say?

The SITT-IWW has helped many people to resolve these kinds of situations through direct action and solidarity since 2009. We call this whole process a “claim your pay”. How it works? It's simple! First of all, you receive a call or email from someone (member or not of the SITT-IWW) having a problem to solve. We then send one or two members to meet her to learn about the file., then help him develop a strategy to put pressure on his employer (or ex-employer) so that he has to give in and return the money in a very short time, generally ranging from immediate to, at most, 48h.

Okay, but does it work?

Yes. As a matter of fact, the success rate of this type of action is close to the 100%. On the other hand, it is important to mention that a claim your pay cannot be improvised! For this reason, the SITT-IWW makes available the experience of its members in order to avoid as much as possible the errors which could make your claim fail your pay or, even worse, cause you trouble.

And how much does it cost?

Nothing! Our mission is to equip workers so that they can pass on their knowledge and help others in turn.. It's a bit of a "pay it forward".

Why is the campaign asking for your pay being brought back to the front for 2023 ?

Because 2023 promises to be a difficult year. Knowing that a programmed recession is coming, il est probable que beaucoup de travailleurs et travailleuses perdent leur emploi au courant de l’année à venir et des suivantes. Furthermore, avec l’augmentation fulgurante du coût de la vie dans la dernière année, un nombre de plus en plus grand d’entre nous vivons désormais dans la précarité. La générosité apparente des patrons pour nous attirer lors de la pénurie de personnel s’évaporera assurément lorsqu’ils n’auront plus besoin de nous et beaucoup de personnes risquent de se retrouver dans des cas typiques de réclame ta paie. C’est pourquoi cette campagne sera probablement plus que jamais pertinente dans un futur proche et que nous désirons la remettre de l’avant.

Help us spread it!


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