S’organiser, then fight

As everyone knows, G7 was held this year at home, in Quebec. This grotesque "Party of Bourges", at 600 Pigés million of public funds, was that our elites can conspire in peace as THEIR interests (which are contrary to ours). As one of the supreme Western symbols of their contempt for us, no it was not surprised that some e-left launches his attack and tries to disrupt as much as possible.

The response of the state to this "assault" was lightning : Near 8000 police deployed, helicopters flying over the city of Quebec, submarines deployed in the river, the reinforcement army, erected temporary prisons, a zone of lawlessness where police making arrests and illegal searches, all preceded by a long campaign of fear to deter anyone from coming oppose (even peacefully) G7 and legitimize all the repression that would take place during this weekend.

Some people (including myself) it is still presented by principle, but what actually win they had hoped to get a heavy state's power demonstration? Any, except that to draw this lesson: we can not currently change things by taking the street. This fad that some, and some of us have to believe that we can get to get anything manifesting in the current conditions (that is to say, too few) must stop. The finding is that we're at the stage where we must devote energy to expand our ranks and organize ourselves!

This text will therefore aim to put the agenda some organizational bases, and more specifically the radical unions.


1. who join?

When we take the time to create genuine friendships with people around us, whether our family, our colleagues, members of our sports team, etc., it quickly becomes clear that the vast majority of workers and oppressed people in other ways (patriarchy, racism, etc) suffer and are fully aware. They and they do not always understand how these systems consist of oppression, let alone how to fight against and what could be a society rid of them, but however and they know that they and are affected by-es of injustices.

To this question of "who joined", I would say so : virtually any person undergoing some form of oppression can be reached with respect thereto. Needless, so, to focus only on people who are "already left". On the contrary, preach to the converted es prevents us from developing our influence.


2. Reaching?

The ideals of social justice are charming and are targets for people who suffer injustice, It goes without saying. However, for most people, these ideals are so distant that it is virtually impossible to consider them reach one day and it seems more practical to devote their energy to solve problems that can be set now. The good thing, is that these two thoughts are not contradictory since it is actually winning small battles, one by one, that ends up winning bigger and that will eventually win it all.

Based on this idea, the best way to reach people who already so do not advocate is to sincerely discuss with them and them things that bother them today and to work with them and them so that these situations change. Needless, even against immensely productive, start talking about ideals socialist-libertarian.

However, it remains imperative to always keep backstory that all our struggles will only be palliative as long as we do not win "the" great victory; this is what we will push people mobilizing to understand that we must always continue, and many identify what concessions should not do and in what political traps must not fall.


3. What actions to take to make a difference?

If the student strike 2012 we learned something when compared with a strike of the public transport sector, for example, is a mass of people taking the streets, even very large, and even an extended time period, unfortunately has very little disruption of power compared to a mass of workers who decide to go on strike in a key sector of the economy (and that it have the support or not the rest of the population!). The immediate gains, like those long-term, existent, but remain limited.

Another thing social struggles we learn quickly when attention here (and that brings us back to the previous point) is that it is much easier to concentrate our efforts to campaign with people around us against a "small form of power" (for example, the boss of our work mileu or local administration of our school) than trying to rally the entire population to rise up through a call to solidarity which it would respond with a fantastical and illusory revolutionary spirit.

The day that most of us have struggled es, won-es, and have acquired es collective class consciousness, we can dream and even carry out such acts! But that day is NOT today. Today, if we go out of our militant circles already convinced and will really organize the fight, we know that we are still in the stages :

⁃ Carry out to those around us what really involve the injustices they and they undergo daily.

⁃ Make them realize that and have a real power to change the injustices they and they are direct victims daily.

The ⁃ engage in these struggles, forming at the same time understanding of organized left (democracy, procedural codes, committees, principle of non-mixed, etc.) and enabling them to become both leftists and "get Empowerer".



The transition to tomorrow's society is a process that will be phased. Although they do not will operate one at a time (one can very well do both syndicalism and revolutionary events of May 1, for example), it is still important to understand where we are and invest our energy in the right places avoiding fantasizing about a sudden revolutionary upsurge, or the state yield anything facing 200 protesters enraged and es demonstrators take to the streets.

If we really want to move forward, start with the basics and follow the process steps. Organizing first, then fight!


Max K.


(Writing this text is gendered bit for easier reading, and only for this reason. Thank you for taking notes)

Sommet Anti-G7: Summary of a quiet stay but while repression

7 June :
Après-midi touristique dans Québec : les magasins se barricadent petit à petit, les gens font leur vie, c’est très calme. On finit par être suivi-es par au moins 3 policiers en civil (ceux repérés) et on nous demande de nous identifier quand on mange un sandwich dans un cimetièreun groupe de 7 people, entouré par 20 flics : SPVQ, SQ main dans la mainLe profilage commence.
Manifestation de soir appelée par le RRAG7 et le communautaire : ambiance joyeuse bien qu’on sentait une certaine appréhension, entouré-es par des goons policiers, anti-émeutes et militaires. On a croisé des fusils d’assaut, des snipers, des drones, des chiens électrocutés à chaque aboiement, at least 3 hélicos et j’en passeTout ça pour une manif calme d’un millier de personnes et plus d’une centaine de journalistes.
-Retour vers nos quartiers, on est suivi par d’autres policiers en civil dans leur voiture qui prennent manifestement nos plaques d’immatriculation en note.

On a aimé : la mobilisation plus grande qu’on pensait, la préparation des médics et les discussions avec plein de belles personnes.
On a détesté : le PCR qui s’est pris pour un autre en passant devant tous les groupes communautaires qui organisaient la manifestation, les arrestations (2) dans la manifestation, l’arsenal policier.


8 June :
Manifestation matinale avortée par l’arsenal militaire et paramilitaire entourant les manifestant-es
On apprend que des véhicules de manifestant-es sont ‘arbitrairementarrêtés et fouillés dans QuébecPas nous, mais on a pu le constater en effet en arrivant sur place.
Rassemblement du midi : une autoroute bloquée quelques minutes qui a valu certes 2 sofas flambants entourés de béton, mais aussi des charges policières violentes (des plaquages dignes de pros de foot américain) et des arrestations.
Midi : pique-nique on ne peut plus relax près du plus chouette dépanneur du monde (rabais pour les manifestant-es, mise à dispo des toilettes, adorables employé-es, bain de face gratis en cas de gaz… !) Québec est devenue une ville fantôme, les rues sont vides, on s’attendrait presque à une attaque de zombies!
Manifestation de l’après-midi a à peine pu commencer que tous les goons bloquaient de nouveau les rues et poussaient les gens (dont des journalistes) en bas des cotesIls se sont aussi sentis bien seuls quand ils ont, tous seuls comme des grands, réussi à planter un de leur véhicule dans une mini-sortie de route qui leur a valu un remorquage et de se cacher dans des buissons ! Petit retour des choses !
On ne compte même plus la police en civil qui nous suit dans les rues et prend des notes.

On a aimé : le pique-nique et son ambiance ‘safe’, le dépanneur extra.
On a détesté : le véhicule blanc qui t’écoute et fait de la reconnaissance faciale, la répression surnuméraire qui fait avorter la moindre action et stresser à chaque coin de rue. Les arrestations en mode ‘kidnappingalors que les gens rentraient chez eux et elles. Les photographes qui ne respectent pas le consentement.

9 June :
Manifestation syndicale : encore près d’un millier de personnes, mais cette fois une superbe ambiance! Des chansons à tout va, l’orchestre Tintanar qui se déchaîne et un temps magnifique!
Retour à l’ordre : les policiers laissent vider la place au compte-goutte en profilant les individus et leur faisant vider leur sac.

On a aimé : la belle ambiance et rigoler de voir 15 SQ sécuriser un McDo.
On a détesté : ne pas savoir où sortir et se sentir comme des bêtes à l’abattoir après la manifestation on-ne-peut-plus-pacifique.


In summary : 3 belles journées, bien qu’entourées de flics en tout genre, de toutes les couleurs et avec tout l’arsenal. On décompte 0 fenêtre brisée, 10 arrests, more than 400 millions de $ dépensés sur la sécuritéça fait cher du tie-wrap autour des poignets des arrêt-és !

Short, malgré la ‘petitemobilisation, ça a quand même réussi à faire fermer l’Assemblée nationale, donner congé aux personnes du Parlement, ainsi qu’à des profs et des enfantset littéralement ennuyer gentiment près de 8.000 flicailles mobilisées pour la sécurité !
And also… donner ben de la job aux personnes qui placardent les commerces, ça a été lucratif pour eux et elles assurément !





Lien vers une entrevue de deux membres du SITT-IWW Montréal au sujet de notre présence au G7, à l’antenne du FM93 (Radio de Québec).


Photo credit: Cedric Martin.


(English below)

The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers, Montreal Local (SITT-IWW Montreal), in solidarity with the organizers of the against-G7, call to a union quota for demonstration Thursday 7 June 2018 next. It will take place at 18h at the Parc des Braves Quebec.
A marge you G7, we will go down to the streets to protest against this great world elite Masquerade. We will take the road again to say no ! No to global governance managed by seven puppets; Not the liberal bourgeois state that depends on the exploitation of the working class; Not the false state legitimacy reinforced by borders.

the G7, in general, represents everything for which the ISTC-IWW organizing and fighting. Justin Trudeau Donald Trump through all the other clowns in power that cooperate to facilitate the operation of the respective working class, the IWW will ally with anyone who is willing and ready to organize his workplace to undo the pay operating system on which we depend everyone.

Especially in a context of advanced capitalism, organize our workplace to improve our living conditions is more urgent than ever. Unionism is self defense : self-defense against the exploitation of bosses, against state armed arms against any systemic oppression that obeys the capitalist mode of production. The SITT-IWW wants to have a contingent of members present and present to bring to the forefront the importance of organizing. Under the banner of "One Big Union", under the banner of class solidarity, take the street. A united working class is a winning working class : Au G7!



The Solidarity Committee SITT-IWW Montreal.



The IWW Montreal, in solidarity with anti-G7 organizers, calls for a contingent to be present at anti-G7 protests in Quebec. From June 6th-9th, people will be present to collectively resist the G7 meeting taking place, where we will be able to say no! No to globalism, no to the liberal bourgeois system that relies on the exploitation of the working class world over, and no to the legitimacy of the states that these seven puppets enforce within the borders they govern.

The G7, as an organization, represents everything the IWW organizes and fights against. Whereas Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau will cooperate and collaborator to facilitate exploitation of their respective working classes, the IWW will cooperate with all whom are ready to organize workplaces to help dismantle the wage slavery system these nation states rely on. Especially in the context of late stage capitalism, organizing workplaces as an effective means to improving material conditions is as urgent as ever. Syndicalism is self-defence: self-defence from the boss’ exploitation, from the state’s paid thugs, and as a part of any systemic oppression wherein the capitalist mode of production is interwoven.

The IWW looks forward to having a contingent of members present to help discuss the importance of workplace organizing. Under the banner of one big union, under the banner of working class solidarity, a united working class is a winning working class. To G7!


In solidarity,

The Solidarity Committee of the Montreal IWW branch.