Iran: Youth and working class facing a repressive regime

The workers' journal, via Iran in fight

A year ago the ruling faction kept itself in business thanks to rigged elections. From the Iranian people and their youth, despite a terrible repression, defied the regime by going out on the street, shouting at night on the roofs, going on strike.

The regime that combines all the flaws of a bureaucracy, of theocratism and capitalism has constantly lost ground through its corruption, its free-riding and inability to solve Iran's main problems. He held on by stepping into the cycle of violence against the Iranian people.

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Shaking in Iran !

Iran in fight

Cocktails molotov contre les brutes du régime à Gonbad-e Qabus

Reprenant une dépêche de l’Iran News Agency, Persian2English indique qu’à Gonbad-e Qabus (ville d’un peu plus de 100 mille habitants, province du Golestan, au nord-est du pays, non loin de la Mer Caspienne et de la frontière avec le Turkménistan) la jeunesse affronte les forces répressives à coups de cocktails molotov.

Les rues de la ville était pleine de monde à l’occasion du 22 Bahman, et un jeune interrogé raconte : « Nous jetons des cocktails molotov, brisons les vitres et nous nous levons contre le gouvernement. Le régime a instauré la loi martiale et a très peur de nous ».

Affrontement avec les policiers au carré Sadeghie, à Téhéran

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Iranian publicize their claims

« Iran in fight »Inform the 19 January, that a group of Iranian activists has issued a statement with the list of their demands. They consider that the proposals put forward by the reformist leaders Moussavi and Karroubi, "Neglect" women's claims.

The declaration highlights the following claims : "Cancellation of all discriminatory and anti-women laws, recognition of women's rights over their own bodies and thoughts, end of violence against women and trial of all those responsible for the crimes committed over the past thirty years "as a solution to get out of the current crisis.

They add that the issue of women is an essential part of the current crisis and "that no solution will be effective" if it does not seek to resolve these issues.

The declaration also supports more general claims such as "freedom of thought, of expression and gathering ". While calling for an end to torture and the death penalty, they also express their request for "immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners".

Women's claims not so much "change of president or limitation of leader's power, statement says, but more the realization of fundamental and structural transformations ”.

Shadi Amin, Golrokh jahanguiri, Fariba Davoudi, Shadi Sadr, Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Shahla Abghari are among the signatories of this declaration.

Women have played a major role in recent protests in Iran and many women's rights activists have been arrested and imprisoned for participating in protests.


Strong winds of change in Tehran

Article de Pierre Barbancey paru dans “L’Humanité” du 31 December 2009, intéressant même si certains éléments sont discutables comme le fait de parler de “jeunesse aisée” pour les premières manifestations de juin, ce qui est loin d’être une réalité, mais le fond de l’analyse n’en en pas moins valable :

Le président Mahmoud Ahmadinejad et le guide suprême Ali Khamenei sentent que la société est en train de basculer. 
Le refus de la corruption et de l’ordre moral islamique gagne toutes les couches de la population iranienne.

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Iran : Myths and Realities

By Azar Majedi

arton586-98fa5Iran premieres international news. What has led to mass protests ? How the situation has changed so dramatically in a week ? What people want ? What the protests will become ? These questions are repeated over and over on all TV channels and in the press.. Various political analysts and European or American academics of Iranian origin, with varying degrees of allegiance to the so-called reformist camp, are invited to shed light on the situation. All of these commentators share the following assumption : "The people of Iran do not want the revolution". Over there, they mean that the population does not want to throw the Islamic regime overboard. They say the people want an evolution, a gradual change. They insist that people want minor changes in the political system, just a little more freedom. They say they are protesting against Ahmadinejad and the rigged election, not against the islamic regime. So, that if Mousavi becomes president, everything becomes normal.

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