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10 days that shook Quebec and this is just the beginning!

Friday 31 October, it's under the theme ofausterity, a horror story, that demonstrations took place in the cities of Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Jonquière, Baie-Comeau, The Tuque, the Magdalen Islands and Montreal. The protesters of the latter numbered 50 000 according to official figures. This feat was made possible thanks to buses from nearly 10 regions of Quebec that converged on the metropolis, thanks to the mobilization, not only students who still had more than 82 000 strikers, but also from various trade union centers and all community groups on the verge of war against the austerity measures decreed by the three levels of government and to which no political party of the opposition seems to be able to make the weight. This day of unprecedented mobilization since 2012 must be seen from two angles. First, as the culmination of several weeks of climbing and then as the starting point for an even bigger climb. Read more

Against the rigor in English, the only student resistance


(From london) The British Parliament voted Thursday 9 December on a tripling of tuition fees at university proposed by the government. In the universities, mobilization against this measure does not weaken. The student movement is becoming the main opposition to the cuts budgétaires.Depuis he unveiled his drastic austerity plan, the 20 October, the British government is lucky. He has nothing to fear from Labor, whose new leader, Ed Miliband, is inaudible.

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The legitimacy of Wikileaks

The student revolt against fiscal austerity

This new stage 25 November in the student struggle that crosses Italy. The education reform has again been stopped. The government has waived the vote before the rise of revolt, and the University of La Sapienza of Rome has given up on its side to open the academic year.

Over the days of mobilization, This student movement appears more and more clearly as the first response to the crisis. The intensity of the struggle, indignation and rage constantly shaking the country for two years.

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