The FTQ and the CLC want to limit solidarity with the student movement

The leadership of the FTQ and the Canadian Labor Congress have agreed to limit the solidarity of Canadian unions towards the Quebec student movement to the only channels they are able to control, with the aim of preventing as much as possible “potential illegal actions that would violate the law 78 to support the student movement“.

An exchange between the president of the FTQ, Michel Arsenault, and the president of the Canadian Labor Congress Ken Georgetti tells us that the leadership of the FTQ is worried that the solidarity between Canadian workers and the Quebec student movement does not go through their organization. Some rumors that unions affiliated with the CLC are planning to help the Quebec student movement confront the law 78 would be at the origin of this exchange.

Michel Arsenault describes the situation in Quebec as “very volatile” and is worried that a “radical wing calls for social strike“, adding that “we do not believe that this is THE strategy to promote at the moment“. Arsenault prefers “facilitate an agreement rather than fuel fires.” The FTQ justifies its request by brandishing the specter of hypothetical fines that could “put pressure on union resources and weaken our capacity for action“.

Even though he claims “not wanting to be excessively procedural“, Michel Arsenault takes refuge behind an agreement between the FTQ and the CTC that recognizes the Quebec central authority total jurisdiction over its territory and makes it the only authorized union representative. In return, Ken Georgetti reminds his affiliated organizations that the CLC is in regular contact with the FTQ and wishes to be the channel through which the solidarity of Canadian workers with the student movement passes..

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letter K. Georgetti

letter M. Arsenault

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  1. deteriorates
    deteriorates says:

    Would Messrs Georgetti and Arsenault be so cut off from political reality so as not to see beyond the student strike a fed up that is becoming generalized against a corrupt government?, contemptuous and opportunistic, who let the student strike drag on to control the vote on stability and fear. Their “ally” Didn't the NDP just support the Conservative motion establishing the sovereignty of the PLQ over law and order in Quebec, and its full rights over the law 78 ? Really, the ramparts against the forces of change often take on funny masks, and find some funny spokespersons. As if it was not a class struggle, that we try to extinguish, rather than calling as many people as possible to fight neoliberalism, for fear of losing control.


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