Be delegated-e, it's not that collect contributions!

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Un article par DJ Alperovitz sur le rôle des délégué-e-s du SITT-IWW, paru originellement dans l’édition de décembre 2012 de l’Industrial Worker sous le titre Not just dues collectors.

Traduction libre par x 374166 de l’IWW Montréal 19/11/2014.

Au cours des derniers mois, différentes discussions ont eu lieu sur Facebook à propos de délégué-e-s de l’IWW qui auraient pris des décisions arbitraires, dépassant largement le cadre de leur mandat (par exemple en refusant à des étudiant-e-s le droit d’entrer dans le syndicat ou en faisant littéralement couler une campagne d’organisation). À de nombreuses reprises, il a ainsi été rappelé que les délégué-e-s ne sont que des «volontaires devant ramasser les cotisations». En tant que délégué qui a essayé de vivre chacun de ses mandats selon des standards des plus élevés, je trouve ces deux déclarations extrêmement troublantes. D’un coté, nous trouvons des délégué-e-s qui n’ont clairement pas reçu une formation correcte (voir une formation tout court) et qui n’ont pas lu leur manuel de délégué-e-s et de l’autre il semble qu’il y ait une incompréhension au sujet de la position de délégué-e par les membres de l’IWW. Read more

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10 days that shook Quebec and this is just the beginning!

Friday 31 October, it's under the theme ofausterity, a horror story, that demonstrations took place in the cities of Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Jonquière, Baie-Comeau, The Tuque, the Magdalen Islands and Montreal. The protesters of the latter numbered 50 000 according to official figures. This feat was made possible thanks to buses from nearly 10 regions of Quebec that converged on the metropolis, thanks to the mobilization, not only students who still had more than 82 000 strikers, but also from various trade union centers and all community groups on the verge of war against the austerity measures decreed by the three levels of government and to which no political party of the opposition seems to be able to make the weight. This day of unprecedented mobilization since 2012 must be seen from two angles. First, as the culmination of several weeks of climbing and then as the starting point for an even bigger climb. Read more

LaSalle: Blue-collar workers are demanding the resignation of Manon Barbe

Surprise and consternation to the city of Montreal: after declining tax, overpaid for the services of building contractors and increased police funding, the city is dry ! The finished housing bubble, maintenance bills of outdated infrastructure and not maintained for decades pile, and cronyism and corruption with cronies obviously have a cost that the bosses and the rich do not want to pay. So guess who will go to the checkout ?

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Blue-collar workers of Montreal want to act against outsourcing

Blue-collar workers of Montreal raise the tone and rise a notch their means of pressure. Without a contract for more than two and a half years, They are sick and tired of inaction of the City to the negotiating table.

Today, union to send rotating strike notice to Ministry of Labor, which will start on 25 next january to end on 5 mars. The principle of this strike is simple, but this is a first on the Island of Montreal.

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