LaSalle: Blue-collar workers are demanding the resignation of Manon Barbe

Surprise and consternation to the city of Montreal: after declining tax, overpaid for the services of building contractors and increased police funding, the city is dry ! The finished housing bubble, maintenance bills of outdated infrastructure and not maintained for decades pile, and cronyism and corruption with cronies obviously have a cost that the bosses and the rich do not want to pay. So guess who will go to the checkout ?

The workers, of course. While blue-collar workers are means of pressure against the use of outsourcing and for the renewal of their collective agreement, cuts begin in LaSalle, where the mayor has just announced it was laying off nearly all temporary staff.

Last week, LaSalle has to walk almost all temporary employees, particularly those public works. According to CUPE , this drastic decision will reduce the quality of services delivered to borough taxpayers. Comment, asks the union, achieved as much with fewer workers to do? "Unless one believes in miracles, This is clearly, An illusion, an unrelated reality desire, "said Michel Parent, union president.

For CUPE, it is intolerable that the mayor buys political promises on the backs of workers and workers who have given years of good service. "When you're in the job for five years, eight times, you deserve more consideration than that, "said Michel Parent. This is why the union is demanding the resignation of Manon Barbe.

But respect for workers has never been the strong employers, Michel Parent is well placed to know. The only way for workers to get respect, is to organize, to struggle, to fight. And eventually, why not, to end the power of these useless parasites and profiteers that are the bosses.

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