Twenty Thousand Bucks of Solidarity

Someone had heard about the IWW from a friend, got in touch with the union through the Internet and arranged to meet and discuss ways to claim a stolen salary. That’s actually how many of our Claim Your Pay campaigns begin, but our most recent one was a bit out of the ordinary. This is the story of a victorious campaign, the biggest in the history of our branch thus far.

In her first message sent to the IWW at the end of January, a worker tells us about a chic restaurant that had closed its doors, and workers having their paychecks bouncing back and worked hours not being paid. We decided to call her to hear more about the situation, to then find out that there were 11 workers from that restaurant who unpaid hours and/or bounced paychecks! The information is passed on to the union volunteers taking care of Claim Your Pay campaigns. Considering the magnitude of the situation, a team of 3 Wobblies is formed. Quickly, we organized a meeting with as many workers as possible. 5 of the 11 workers attended this first meeting, where we added up every salary that was to be claimed through the campaign, and came to realize that more than $20 000 were at stake! We also noted down all relevant information about the restaurant’s boss : in addition to the closed restaurant, he co-owns a chain of coffee shops in Montreal and a coffee distribution company. He also has a bad habit of not paying his employees; the workers at the meeting had heard stories similar to their own spanning the last 10 years. That meant that the boss wouldn’t be easily impressed. This time however, the claims were organized and supported by a union. Not wasting any time, we established a calendar with the direct actions that were to be undertaken in the upcoming weeks.

All the IWW campaigns to claim stolen wages rely on direct action. The workers at our meeting had all made a complaint to CNESST, except for one who was getting paid under the table. But these complaints can take up to a year or more before a worker can gain their claim, and for many workers, a year is way too long to wait when the amount due is three to four work-weeks. Direct action puts pressure on the employers by convincing them that they have more to lose if they do not pay their employees, all without going through the legal system. The workers are always the ones democratically choosing the actions that will be taken to win their claim, even though the supporting union members can always suggest some.

The first step was to send letters of demands to their boss asking for each of the stolen salaries, informing him of the precise amounts that he needed to pay and that a union was now on the case. While the letters were on their way to his mailbox, the boss contacted one of the workers, with the intention to pay her after she had just complained publicly. Members of the union accompanied the worker to that meeting, seizing the opportunity to hand him the letters of demands. He took them without any reaction, and we did not hear from him. No message, no phone call… Time to take action !

We started by sending emails denouncing the situation to many of his work partners, without any result. We continued our actions with a phone zap, during which many people called the owner’s business to block telephone lines for two hours, followed by a negative comments blitz on the business’ social media (Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc). To add public pressure, we published on the union’s blog an article exposing him and all the unpaid salaries. At this point, 3 weeks have gone by and some workers started receiving messages from the boss threatening them with a lawsuit and claiming that he wasn’t scared of a union. Still mounting the pressure, the next action began in early March, by showing up in front of the coffee shops he co-owns and flyering. The managers freaked out a little bit, but we managed to flyer for three days in a row and in front of 3 different coffee shops without much trouble.

It is during that week that the union finally gets contacted by the boss to arrange a meeting, which took place on March 14th. During this meeting, he served us the usual platitudes : ‘’It’s only a misunderstanding, I’m the real victim here, we could have just talked this out, no need to attack me’’ and etc. Nevertheless, we still got out of that meeting with about $12 000 in checks! Six out of the 11 workers were now fully paid, but there were still 5 workers with unpaid wages.

The rest of the campaign scales over 4 months, during which we discussed and negotiated with the boss to get the rest of the stolen salaries. At some point, it seemed to us that the boss was ignoring us, so we organized another small flyering action at two of his coffee shops, to get his attention once more. The campaign was fully victorious last June 19th, when the remaining paychecks were finally delivered by their employer. One worker did not receive all of her wages, because she decided to stop the direct action campaign and to throw all of weight behind her complaint to the CNESST. We care to mention that the worker that was working under the table has had her full salary paid, and without any particular difficulty.

In total, the efforts from these 11 workers and the union have helped claim $20 995 in unpaid work hours and indemnities. Without any doubt, a direct action campaign means more work than simply filing a complaint, but this victory shows us once more that armed with solidarity, we can overcome any obstacle and build a better world for tomorrow.

Solidarity has no price,




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Solidarity twenty miles dollars

Someone hears about the IWW by un.e ami.e, we contact us online and we arrange to meet and discuss ways to take to claim the stolen wages. This is how many of our start campaigns Reclaim your pay, but our most recent will is not bound to the ordinary. Tale of a victorious campaign, the biggest in the history of our industry.

In his first message in late January, a worker tells of a chic restaurant closed, checks that bounced and more hours worked but not paid. They call to ask for more details, and we learn that they are 11 employé.e.s closed restaurant have bounced checks and / or unpaid wages! The information is relayed to the voluntary union for campaigns Reclaim your pay, and at the magnitude of the case, a team of three Wobblies is formed. Quickly, a meeting is organized with the greatest possible travailleurs.euses. At this first meeting, 5 of the 11 are presented, we count all wages to demand to realize that more than 20 000$ are at stake! We also note all relevant information about the boss: in addition to the closed restaurant, He is also co-owner of a chain of coffee shops in Montreal and coffee distribution company. He also has a habit of not paying its employé.e.s; the travailleurs.euses have heard similar stories in their, which spread on 10 last years. The boss will not easily let impress. This time, against, the claim will be organized and supported by a union. We do not lose anything to wait, we immediately establish a schedule of direct action to do in the coming weeks.

All campaigns SITT-IWW to claim stolen wages are based on direct action. The 11 employé.e.s have everyone made a complaint to the CNESST (except one, who worked in the black), but these complaints can easily take a year to reach a payment. For more travailleurs.euses, One year is too much to wait for three to four weeks of payroll. Direct action puts pressure on the employer to convince him that he has more to lose if he does not pay, without going through the legal. It is always the travailleurs.euses who democratically choose what actions, although union members can suggest them some.

The first step is to send letters of request to the boss, to remind him of the amounts payable and to inform the union is now on the case. While the letters are being delivered, the boss contacts a worker of 11 with the intention of paying it after she complained publicly. union members accompanied to this meeting, taking the opportunity to put the application letters to the boss personally. He takes the letters without reacting and not receiving any message from them by mail / e-mail or phone. It's time to start actions.

We start by sending emails denouncing the situation in several bosses in case of partners, without results. then continues with a "phone zap", where for two hours several people continually call to shops boss to block phone lines, and a blitz of negative comments on the pages of its companies (facebook, google, yelp, etc). To raise public pressure, is published on the website of the union an article that directly exposes the boss and unpaid wages. At this stage, three weeks have passed and certain.e.s travailleurs.euses receive boss Messages for, in short, threaten them with lawsuits and tell them that the union does not scare him. The next action, early March, continues escalating pressure tactics, this time physically with cafes whose boss is co-owner to distribute leaflets at the entrance. The managers are panicking a little, but we managed to pull three days to three coffees without too much trouble.

This is the week of towing the union is finally contacted by the boss to arrange a meeting, held the 14 mars. When it, it serves us the usual stories: "This is a misunderstanding, I'm the real victim, we could just talk not need to attack me ", etc. Rest you leave the meeting about 12 000$ checks! 6 of the 11 Former employé.e.s are now completely payé.e.s, there are still a few thousand to claim for 5 other.

The rest of the campaign covers 4 month, during which we discuss and negotiate with the boss to get the rest of salaries. One time, it seems that the boss ignores us, then organized a small action of towing two of its cafes, to get back his attention. The whole story is concluded on 19 June, when the last checks we are supplied by the employer. One worker did not have any money, and it is because it has decided to stop the campaign of direct action and rely solely on complaints it filed with the CNESST. It was noted that the worker who was being paid below the table has received his money, without particular difficulty.

In total, efforts 11 travailleurs.euses and the union have helped claim 20 995$, in unpaid hours 4%. Certainly a direct action campaign involves more work than the single gesture of complaint, but this considerable victory shows us once again qu'armé.e.s solidarity, we can overcome all obstacles, and build a better world for tomorrow.

Solidarity is priceless,




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Fear and loathing in a center near you

I got lots of jobs to low wages. Warehouseman, employed in call centers or customer service, concierge, diver, clerk, assistant cook, seller fir, House painter, speaker, name it. In all cases, I always had bosses with varying degrees of shit.

One who we called moumounes when we refused to work at 10 meters in height without harness; another who always said that it was taking too long between two surveys; one who we spied remotely via cameras; others who harassed or tolerated harassment.

My first union experience has been with the Teamsters, at the Montreal Bus Station as an attendant to information. We were a new team about 10 people hired by a outsourcing company. A summer job that finally lasted six years, at 40 hours / week at minimum wage with executives too disdainful hypocrites.

As long as having a boss, as much to defend oneself, this is which is why I later joined the IWW, a Wobblie. But initially, I was not a convinced trade unionist. This first experience with the Teamsters has me even rather disgusted with unions.

By entering, I knew my hourly rate, but not much more.  Nobody said anything to us. This is our boss, One day, who told us we would be unionized with the Teamsters. It's funny, because I don't remember ever signing a membership card. AT the time, I have found that strange, even suspicious that it is our boss who finds us a union; now I understand that we were fooled, big time.

Un an (or two) later, a colleague, no longer lit at his rights, and I started to chat . Sometimes with other colleagues. Our working conditions were really harsh. We wanted more than the minimum wage, at least 3-4$ Furthermore. Especially since half of the staff had been there since more than 10 years. Many had children. We knew that if we structured, we could go get some money. And respect.

This colleague my request if we had a copy of our collective agreement. I was not even sure what it was. We went around, no one had it. To my memory, our boss gave us a copy.

After having leafed through our convention, we understood that had to elect delegates and that many of our working conditions were not respected. We contacted Teamsters offices, so that we explains a little how it all works. We were given the number of our union advisor, the one who had to answer our Questions, help us to organize and defend our rights. Joining him was painstaking. He was very busy he said. We were obviously not on his priority list.

It looked like a whole union crooked. Not too interested in we. To send us a paid guy 3-4 times our salary, that got us made very unfriendly.

We contacted the CSN, see if we could not embark with them. It couldn't be worse and maybe the idea losing our dues would wake up the Teamsters. It was very complicated for I don't know what to have a frank response from the CSN. We were however in time for the change of accreditation. After some exchanges, it fell to the water. A young friendly adviser tells us that the plant was not very interested, among other things because would not pay much in contributions.

After this episode, our negotiations arriving, even if we didn't feel supported, we tried to organize meetings by ourselves. We had to get organized and obviously nobody would do it for us. We had to talk to our colleagues and ask questions : who stands with who? Who wants what? Who is potentially trusted, who would vote for leverage, for a strike? It was messy. What now at the IWW I call from "Restlessness, education, of inoculation, you social mapping, etc. " Unionism.

We put up posters to announce an assembly. We spent small leaflets. I was really funny to put on posters with quotes from Karl Marx. Mon boss, his, laughed less. We didn't have the right to talk about a union at work. Of their edge by cons, our bosses pretended to meet individual about the schedule for threaten colleagues, know who said what ...

They used oldest used to obtain information, to spread rumors that the company is closing and that lose our jobs if we go on strike.

Our advisor union presslessly returned our calls and was rarely, never there. At our first meeting, during which we refused the boss offer, our counselor spoke aggressively, repeated the same rumors that executives were circulating, said we should accept the 50 proposed increase signs or go out with the right pegs.

We stopped trusting him the day we saw him by chance in a restaurant not away eating with our boss, looks like two good boyfriends. I was in tabarnak.

During the second Assembly, the boss’s offer made us climb by 1,50$ (about) /h. The more combative small group but inexperienced that we were tried to push for more, but the assembly voted in favor. Our advisor says that in 3 years, we might be better ... this same guy who had more in common with our boss treated us like kids, idiots. It made me hate trade unions.

Gang of sold me said to myself. The power plants and their platform managers employees, more concerned insurance companies by industrial peace that the working and living conditions of my class.

I have rediscovered unionism in a better light meeting Wobblies. When I was told that a real union, it is the workers who train it and who give it its colors. That the legal model of insurance company, it’s a resounding failure. That it is certainly not by accepting the status quo that we will avoid the wall towards which the capitalism makes us sink.

From my first experience with a corporatist union, I’m remember this : must speak to our colleagues; ask them what they do and how to get more, know what pisses them off, remind them that a boss is a boss, even if he has a smile; understand that it will not be simple, that our colleagues (and ourselves), waves complex pathways.

Still unionized with the IWW, but also by a “legal” union, I keep in mind that we have to protect ourselves from the boss, but often also from the heavily paid union, who's afraid of losing control. Especially if we don't want to be content to sign an agreement, but put the power back on the work floor.


Un memre du SITT-IWW.

Mission Accomplished in precarious Community of show

The Show precarious Community, what a beautiful evening of solidarity that was for us, members of Union workers and community workers!


As union "by and for", we do not have the financial means to an employers' group, consequently, the stands to speak are not common. In fact, for speech, we can not expect that we tend, we must take. It is in this light that we wanted that runs the show and that's why we wanted to take the microphone to people, organizations and artists like us.


To express our disgust, our tiredness, our rage and our solidarity with comrades before and, it is a privilege. denouncing underfunding affects us, we burned, conditions that undermine our work, the threats of donors like Centraide put pressure on groups defending rights like the Public Organization of Social Rights of Greater Montreal (OPDS-RM), sexism social net, while laughing and listening to peers and colleagues perform on stage, That is why we organized this show.


And we could not have hoped for better reception, so many people. It was for us a success!

A bit of humour

The Community precarious the show began with the solid performance of Colin, the son of Christian Vanasse, that seemed 20 years of experience to give to public shows. Precarious community were able to discover the next prodigy of Quebec humor. Then it is the father who made his entrance by chaining jokes against people who exploit us and contradictions that capitalism imposes on our lives. Thereafter came the two leftist par excellence of the Quebec humor : Colin Boudrias and Fred Dube. Colin gave us several jokes of his political repertoire, including that on the false veganism. While qu'Anarcho-teasing (Fred) We had arrived with his jokes and anti-capitalist activists of the extreme left. Finally, Catherine Ethier ébloui.e.s us again its incredible verve questioning several problems of our society.



After humorists, for the music!

The duo Acoustic Assonance, accompanied by their daughter, we offered a breathtaking performance! The choice of songs, sweet and melancholic, sung by the rousing voice Izabelle has conquered the room and after laughing a bit, bring us into melancholy of this work and this struggle of ours. Assonance Acoustic then made up the Union Thugs, who launched their part with a heartfelt speech about the injustices that plague the business for too long.



As approval, spectators and spectators quickly abandoned their seats to sing in heart Heroes and Martyrs, a resumption of Parisian band Brigada Flores Magon that honors all the men and women in combat If the end of the concert was trying for their guitarist who turned 25 years and seen so each song be interrupted by a new round of shooters led by its, for many and many in the room resumed I Am the Son of Corrigan Fest finished setting the table for the punk of The Awkwerz. Person arriving in the middle of the afternoon could not have imagined that the small bar of Stand-Bars would be transformed into a dance floor for a frenzied trash just hours later! Geneviève a, like always, was first order frontwoman. Spitting his words and occupying the front of the stage with an unparalleled presence that night at Building 7, the perfect recipe for a perfect community precarious show was officially completed and we can say : Mission accomplished!


All funds raised during the evening were donated to L’OPDS-RM.

Solidarity forever!

unionism, Community and Retreat

Day after the International Day of Workers

The 2 May, a day of reflection on the working conditions in the Community was organized by organisms at the bottom of the ladder, the popular Training Center and the sectoral grouping of community organizations in Montreal (RIOCM).

We were three members of the Community Committee of the IWW Montreal to attend. It was an interesting day and well organized. There was material to brainstorm ideas with more than a hundred people. Congratulations to the transition to the organization. Several proposals have been put forward; we will mention some, explaining the pros and cons, and issuing certain criticisms we hope constructive.



Three workshops framed discussions : labor conditions, the work-life and the workplace. The issues raised were mainly lack of funding (mostly), overwork, les burnouts, the large staff turnover, martyr culture, the few links of e-s-employee with their board, sexism in the workplace, la bureaucratisation, project funding (and thus insecurity), etc.

Those are, in sum, problems that most of us who work in the community and have already seen weighing on our shoulders every day.

Before moving forward, an aside is necessary to explain the context of discussions. We said, a hundred people were present. However the majority of these people were either in leadership positions, coordination with a power of hiring and dismissal or board member of directors. That is to say that we were talking about our working conditions with boss. Bosses obviously conscious of their employee-e-s (and suffer themselves and themselves some of the issues discussed), but the boss still. And the discussions were tinted.

Also, to be clear : reflections and critical that we bring here are ours, those unionists.


Calling versus employment

Several people mentioned : there is a culture of martyrdom in community organizations. That of not including overtime, to accept the often precarious conditions, And this, just because our work is a care. We work with the world of precarious and often messed up, our work is essential. Somewhat the same speech that is served to nurses and called women's jobs. A random? Probably not. It is often also said that the EU is a work '' militant ''. The boundary between work and activism is not always clear. It is common to see people overwork at work on this basis, that '' because '' is worth a couple of unpaid overtime!

Interesting proposals have emerged. Deconstructing this speech first. Explain the nature of our jobs, to denounce these situations overwork, just as the health care workers have for months with strength, either via public texts or videos. Refusing to do more (with less means).

An expression is however emerged repeatedly from the mouth of managers or directors of organizations, is the need to "educate their employee-s in overtime". Manner of providing the fault of overtime on the shoulders of the employee-s, but neither on directions or the structure of organizations, and even less on donors. If employers accept imposed performance requirements donors, knowing we often "low staff", it is inconsistent to require e-s-employee to provide the same services, but in less time.


Funding, bureaucracy and paperwork

Sure, the main issue remains : under-funding and project funding. Some people have raised the possibility of pressuring the political parties in the context of election campaigns. Trying again to strike the Community, perhaps with clearer objectives and decentralized than the aborted 7 February. And look more broadly and talk more. But above all to mobilize the very foundations of organizations : either the employee-e-s!

[On this subject, a personal story and a parallel with the Retreat : nowadays, very little employee-s organizations with a health mandate and social services (Such prevention of STIs) I talk to had heard of this missed strike 7 February. As few of my colleagues intervention had heard of this day of reflection on our working conditions. Visibly, if these are the coordos directions or who receive an invitation to talk about workplace conditions, there is little chance of that is transmitted to the employee-s. Imagine then speak to strike ...]

In terms of insecurity issues related to project funding rather than mission, few solutions have been put forward, Furthermore to make a strike Claim. We have mentioned a few times to tackle some private donors such as the United, who actively participate in the entrepreneurial culture, but no one picked up the ball, which in itself speaks volumes about the lack of analysis we have our own "industry" working.


Be heard as workers

An announcement was made, namely that a national association and workers Community workers would be created in the coming months. Few details were unveiled. As the creation of meeting has not taken place, it is difficult to say what its mandate, but we suspect that this will be our rights, to demand better funding, etc.

By asking a few questions in the following weeks to people involved in its creation, we have some, or concerns, but the project still interests us.

Already, have a space where propose actions, where share and talk about our working conditions is interesting in itself. Can come together is almost a luxury, considering all the tasks and we weigh. This will definitely be a project in which it may organize actions on trades that we.

However, some concerns remain. First, that will be part? Will be qualified-e-s Workers people who have hiring and dismissal powers within our bodies? Suppose we begin to talk about organizing, are we going to face an internal group that fiercely oppose it? Or simply to speak of self-management, internal conflicts, power relations within our bodies ... Will speak are we working conditions or just general underfunding? The question is valid.


Trade union solidarity and self-management

Sure, we preached for several solutions like us. Against some reluctance to join unions under a traditional model, we talked about putting forward a solidarity unionism. Namely mobilize, We base, by and for ourselves, so not only talk about underfunding, but also to bring up to date the self in community organizations in which we work. But also to be able to address issues such as harassment, the employee-s reports versus directions / boards, etc. This is why our trade unionism is voluntary, to enable people to be heard according to their needs.

We mentioned the importance of not remain impassive when an organization is cut. And I believe that this goal remains for us one of our key mandates : asserting solidarity among people working in the Community. Because it is together that we have a balance of power and that we can protect our bodies.



in short, it was an interesting meeting. We hope it will not be an isolated exercise, and it will be followed by a more general and broader. Organizations that have started organized something important, we hope it continues and that it be given suites.

The meeting was after all the Community Image : we are well aware of the problems we are experiencing, we have a good idea of ​​the solutions within our reach, but taking action is unclear, or uncertain.

Anyway, our side, we will provide all the help we can in our midst colleagues, and we invite them to contact us. The more we are many and many, more our voice will.


An injury to one, an injury to all!


Members of the union workers and community workers.


The absurdity of the world: Housing

Today, I decided to tell you a little housing, the need for basic shelter, gentrification and real estate speculation. Quickly same, I must admit that it looks extremely interesting LITTLE air, but we will try to make everything a little more dynamic. Let's see what it will give.

To begin, I would like to mention the principle of private property. Indeed, there is a moment in history in which people began to put fences around their lot of land and started saying that it was their property. It's a bit that time, that began to be born the wonderful capitalist system as we know it today with its rules that define something like this ; "At the height of pocket" and "The invisible hand of the market control the law of supply and demand".

previously, we lived in a feudal system, ie a system in which there were lords who offered protection and a lot of land to peasants vulgar in exchange for what might be called different types of taxes : "Taxes on production of the earth that we owe to the Lord", chore days on earth the Lord, Defense lordship in attacks, etc… And the system went on like that hierarchy, with the lords who also had obligations to noble, nobles who had obligations towards the kings, etc ... Then one day, this system is found completely meaningless, since all the charges weighing on farmers and their side, Lords began to accumulate more and more lordships and neglected their obligations to peasants. various revolts (French Revolution, Patriots Rebellion) ended up killing this system and have established a capitalist system in Western societies.

Now I would like to picture it all here thinking its owner making his rounds the pre mier the months to come pick up the rents tenants. First, we will tell, y a-t- it something less pleasant than this time '' awkward '' where the owner comes to pick strutting his due ? And I would like here we mark the ress emblance between the lord who picks his sacks of grain from the peasants and that the owner just collect rents. Do not you think that the resemblance is striking ? And just as in the manorial system, it is quite rare Reus Sir finding a landlord who is fulfilling its obligations to its tenants. I believe that almost everyone who has already had an owner knows what it is when it comes to renovations made by the brother peddler because we will save money or good old "I'll fix that soon, not worry yourself. »

At what point in history, we thought we'd let human basic needs (to dress yourself, to eat, housing) in the hands of capitalists have the sole purpose of making a profit ? When we said we were going to let people speculate about our basic needs ? That's what I find scandalous : People who get rich on the backs of people with stuff that everyone beso in au final. Why do we accept that people make money by selling food to the wasting preferring to raise its value to give to people in need ? When we thought we would parker people in owned buildings capitalist X and would make a profit ?

Short, all that angry at a high level because it brings out the conflict of interest on which base the system in place and I probably reparlerais you in a future column. But let us ask the question about the interests of the parties in the presence. What is the interest of the tenant ? Paying the cheapest possible to have quality housing. Now what is the owner of the interest of building ? Make the most money and how we made the most money ? By having the highest rents and the lowest possible costs. Short, what interest the owner to make repairs quickly, to have clean public areas, to provide quality service to its tenants ? No, unless it allows him to raise more money, but it means that apart luxury buildings where rents allows proprios offer good while enriching Service, this is not the case of buildings in most neighborhoods.

Now, if we continue in this logic, could approach the subject of real estate speculation that has created the phenomenon of gentrification. Real estate speculation is when people buy land or buildings in order to make an investment and thus to enrich. This is something peculiar to capitalism. That meant that the capitalists buy empty buildings hoping only sell them at a better price. It also ensures that while thousands of homeless people sleeping on the streets, hundreds of buildings are empty and have no use other than to be sold for a better price than buying. You think it's normal you ? And especially, do not try to go install a squat in these buildings because you'll quickly get to know the watchdogs of private property in our society, and I named : the police. Fuck that you're not even able to accommodate you, we, we do respect the law of the strongest and we will protect this building empty and useless against your dangerous human interference. Point bar.

Then the sole interest of property speculators is obviously profit. And what better way to raise property values ​​in a neighborhood to maximize profit ? here, where we also comes the phenomenon of gentrification of neighborhoods. Gentrification is when the original population of a neighborhood is driven by the arrival of a new richer class, which increases rents for everyone and pushes the poor and marginalized outside. Let's see this phenomenon from a perspective of a real estate speculator.

Thus for example, the owner of land in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve whose goal is to sell to maximize profit. His land appreciates in value if that surrounds also attacks. So how to appreciate in value to the land ? condos being built in areas where there were rental properties : it drives the poor, who do not have the means to buy a condo and it creates lots of small properties instead of a big, it's therefore increase municipal taxes and the more taxes, more we can pass on to tenants. Then the less poor, marginal and low-end shops, plus the value of the property on the market increases. Mister speculator has every interest in that there is more police and more regulations to drive the marginalized and the homeless neighborhood, because it increased the value of his property more. So that's how our watchdogs of private property, the police, is still involved in this process.

La gentrification, so, it benefits exactly ? In person other than real estate speculators. Point bar. Now, I would like to end this, Is it not time to think of a society where no one can get rich on the backs of the population with basic needs ? Is not it completely immoral to get rich that way ? well, the wonderful world of capitalism, the moral, it does not exist, it is the rich profits that count. Capitalism is the world crosser and crosser be. This is really what we want ? I leave you on that.

In my next column, because everything is in everything, I'll just tell you about a who had not paid his rent and that it had fallen on him in 2012. I speak of Gabriel Nadeau -Dubois, or more precisely these supposed unionists eventually run for office and try to change the system of intérieur.




original content: Live Action
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Solidarity explosion for the former employee of Antidote

After two years to get involved in volunteer IWW Communication Committee, I had never seen it. Little Sarah history, dismissed the counter vegan Antidote to days of Christmas, and that after experiencing bullying and abuse of power, went viral.

In less than 24 hours, words of hope and gestures of solidarity poured in from all sides. Ten of thousands of views on our blog, I almost feel like work for Your Small or vice Look, with the difference that in the comment section, it was a love breathtaking Sarah received instead of the traditional look forward mails.

There is a modern version of Christmas Carol. In 2017, just days before the Eve, a young dynamic entrepreneur that imbued itself, owner of a trendy restaurant in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification process, dismisses his employee.

Mention it before going further : dismiss an employee e-restoration in the middle of December, Also as to wish him a Christmas without gifts or to offer small dishes to be made to Eve, is wish him a happy three or four months of unemployment, no unemployment, the time the basins of the industry to reopen the arrival of spring.

Through a friend, Sarah came into contact with the ghost of Combat Unionism who agreed to share her story. You know the rest, the story became viral and social media were inflamed. If we were in a Christmas story, at the end of the third act, the owner would have repented, but the reality of the bosses-employee-s relationships being what it is, she published earlier tearful text to explain that from the depths of his success, it's a little she actually suffered.

Everything was, she is young and has so much to learn, she did not know that you could not fire someone morally-e by text. She was forced to fire her now, cheap shot par on text, because the warning two weeks in advance and allow time for the employee to prepare (as bosses ask us), fitait it not in its priorities. It looked like a caricature all output module right on employer responses in the Organization of Training 101 IWW.

In parallel crocodile tears of the patron who, to believe what we see on Facebook, have not touched anyone other than two or three owners in similar situations or close friends, Those are former-born employees who have contacted us to tell us of similar experiences, the story of a small producer in the Gaspé had trouble getting paid rebounded, and many and many other workers restoring explaining recognize themselves in this situation so too frequent. But perhaps more importantly, People from all over Montreal have written to express their sympathy and offer their solidarity to Sarah.

Between the words of encouragement, such a free room, this one has a sofa available if needed, this one is food for the dog, another heard about a job and those on temporary contracts, see offer permanent jobs to offer. Class consciousness, ras-le-bol hellish working conditions of the restaurant industry or simply the spirit of Christmas? No matter for now, solidarity beyond all our expectations and for that, by Sarah, but all and all members of the IWW, we offer our sincere thanks and wish you a great holiday season.




Photo credit: Katerine-Lune Rollet, February 2015.

Christmas at the restaurant vegan Antidote: power and dismissal of abuse by texting.

Christmas is perhaps the corner, but it will not mean that our boss will stop treating us like shit. Sarah sent us the following result of his termination and it is with all our solidarity as we publish, because as she says : "We must stick together. »

Hello, My name is Sarah and I am a student. It's a week before Christmas and instead of rejoicing for the holidays, I fear the idea of ​​finding myself in the street for the winter.

Until last Wednesday 13 December 2017, I was working as a dishwasher at the restaurant "Antidote Bouffe Vegan" and I loved it. I did my job and I got along very well with each-e- s of employee- s. When I was hired on 18 September 2017, I was just so happy at the idea of ​​not having to live in my car with my dog ​​and finally be able to find me a rent, even if I was paid the minimum wage. My former boss, Elise Bellerose, runs this restaurant with her right arm, Arielle La Jardinière. About a month before my dismissal, Arielle this was done by Élise give mission to take care of the restaurant when it is absent or spa. I think she saw in there a way to gain power and a
good reputation in the eyes of the boss.

Quietly, Arielle began to install a climate of intimidation in the restaurant, almost tou-te- s the employee- s began to receive threats of dismissal for reasons that were not valid or even true. All we did or said could be turned against us. Lorsqu'Élise came to talk to us, it was for us blame things she was not aware that by hearsay Arielle. We were walking on eggshells. Certain-e- s of us would even pretend to sympathize with Arielle for fear of losing their jobs, even if repeatedly used and myself (Once) were done deal "slut" by it, under the pretext that it was a joke. Another diver loved tou-te- s resigned because he refused to be talking like a nobody. We tried to talk to Elise, but she did not want to know.

About a week before my dismissal, I came out of the kitchen to see if there were dirty dishes in front and to go put toilet paper in the bathroom, because it's my job. This day -There, Elise was absent, but Arielle was there. On my way to the bathroom, she said : "Come here Sarah. » . Already there,I knew it was announced hurt. She then told me an arrogant tone : "Go therefore wash your little corner back!! Did not you back and deal ! »

I was really insulted and I told him that it did not report and I did not agree with the way she talks to me; especially since she has no idea of ​​the spots I have to do. About two hours later the same evening, I have three friends who came to eat at the restaurant and returning forward to pick up dirty glasses, I pass them and they ask me what is good on the menu. I pause a minute to advise and a waitress comes directly to me and told me not to do it, I have to be careful, because Arielle told her she had an eye on me and she would say to Elise I was wasting my time.

So I went back in the kitchen, I was angry and I was tired of this climate of fear in the restaurant. I decided to text my boss. A cook has advised me not to do to not lose my job. But I knew Arielle was going to tell my boss that I was working evil, then I had to defend my point. I wrote him that I
understand why Arielle had that attitude with me and that if they did not like my job at this point, I would like to be aware. She never answered, but the next morning, she hung a note in the room employee who said Arielle had as many rights it on what was happening in the restaurant during his
absence and that we had to, the employees, we "deal" with it. So I got my answer ... Never Elise, yet is the boss, has asked to speak to me or nothing. When I croisais, it's as if I never had texted him nothing. I said it was going to just stay like that.

But last Wednesday, the 13 December 2017, at 1:14 p.m. just before my shift 17:00, it is
get one from Elise text message saying the following.

" Hello Sarah, sorry to tell you this by text, Antidote but will not need to
your services. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any questions, text me. good
luck for the future. Élise. »

I could not believe that I had just lost my job like that, a snap. I obviously retexté to understand his motive, but I was never rewritten. I contacted the Labor Standards, whether I was entitled to at least a two week notice or any compensation. They said no, because it does
was not three months ... .It was missing only 5 days before it makes three months. The employee- s Antidote restaurant now stand the tight buttocks and fear losing their jobs like me. Arielle is always present there. I also fear that it refers to other employee- s.

I did an unemployment claim, but I already know that I do not have enough hours. I sold my car to the scrap, it will allow me to have at least January insured with a roof over your head, me and my faithful dog. For the rest I do not know and I admit that it scares me. I hope soon to find me another job. Thank you for reading and sil-you- Please share in large numbers, in solidarity with those who live on workplace bullying.
We must stick together. Good Bye.




Photo credit: The Huffington Post Quebec.
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Support for a general strike : not political repression in Catalonia

The IWW is in Montreal today solidarity with the population of Catalonia, our comrades of the CNT, but also with the Catalan unionists who mobilize and call for a general strike to assert the right to self-determination of the Catalan population and denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

Since the announcement of a referendum for the independence of Catalonia, the Spanish State has used the courts as much as force to prevent the vote. Whether the threats of imprisonment, Ad blocking polls, mobilizing thousands of police, arresting posters setters, searches, an army presence on the streets, the Spanish State has used force to deny a fundamental right : the right to self-determination.

We are in front of the Spanish consulate today to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State with regard to Catalonia. We are also here to give our support and solidarity with the Catalan people and witness to the courage of our comrades of the CNT unions and allies, who are mobilizing, call for a general strike and make actions to enforce the law in Catalonia and denounce the repression of the state.

We therefore ask the Spanish government to stop this violent campaign, This failure of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan population.

Our solidarity with the working people, Catalan union and the population of Catalonia, Your voice will be heard!

The IWW Montreal

The section of the IWW Montreal (Industrial Workers of the World, Industrial Workers of the World) expresses solidarity with the people of Catalonia today, our comrades of the CNT, as well as the Catalan and union mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination of the people to denounce violence and Catalan in Spain.

Since the announcement of a referendum on independence in Catalonia, Spain has used the courts and force to prevent the holding of voting. The threats of imprisonment, the announcement of the closure of the electoral colleges, mobilizing thousands of police, the arrest of people who have hung posters relating to referendum, the confiscation of material, the army presence on the streets, are some of the ways in which Spain has used force to deny a fundamental right: the right to self-determination.

Today we concentrated in front of the Spanish consulate in Montreal to denounce violence and contempt toward Catalonia in Spain. We are here concentrated and focused to express our support and our solidarity to the people of Catalan and witness the courage of our comrades of the CNT and its allied union, and actions are mobilized to enforce the right to self-determination and denounce the repression Catalonia State.

We call on Spain to stop the violent campaign, the violation of collective rights, political repression and the use of force against the Catalan people.

All our solidarity with immigrant workers, the union and Catalan, so the people of Catalonia. Your voice heard!

Support for General Strike : Enough political repression in Catalonia

The IWW-SITT Montreal is, today, in solidarity with the people of Catalonia, nuestro'as compañero'as of the National Confederation of Labor and also with lo'as cataluño'as syndicalisto'as mobilisado'as and calling a general strike to defend the right of self-determination of the Catalan people and to denounce the violence of the Spanish State.

The Spanish government uses its justice system and violence to block the Catalan people since we know the date of the referendum for independence. Threatening to imprison, block polling, mobilize more than a thousand police, lo'as stop militants, perseguirlo'as and more, Spanish state uses force to deny a basic right - the right to self-determination!

So, We are today at the Spanish consulate to denounce violence and contempt of the Spanish State Catalonia. As well, We are here to support the Catalan people and testimonar the value and strength of nuestro'as compañero'as of the CNT and trade union allies, they are mobilizing, They call a general strike and carry out actions to defend the right of self-determination of Catalonia and denounce the repression of the Spanish government.

State tell the Spanish - Tu violence, your contempt for democracy and your political repression of the Catalan people "ENOUGH! »

Solidarity with trabajadore'as lo'as, catalane'as unionists and the people of Catalonia!

Your voice bring freedom!


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We do not s'laissera! Near & rsquo; a hundred demonstrators marched in South Central.

Faced with cuts in funding, various Montreal community organizations met
yesterday in order to express their dissatisfaction. A demonstration was organized in collaboration with
l’Quebec Association for promoting the health of people who use drugs (AQPSUD), the Group & rsquo; Intervention Peer (armor) and several comrades SITT-IWW Montreal to show their support and join their voices to those of workers in the sector who have more than enough of
Paulette duty undress to dress stone! in song, the group Union Thugs became megaphone
the cause defended by the day, and the group SOS Roaming was responsible for feeding the hungry-es
who crisscrossed the streets of South Central.

This year, it is the expression of the Street Festival [DO] who paid the price of sharp scissors
Trudeau government, Yet these are not sub missing (500 millions of dollars) for
celebrate, Within a day, the 150 years of the Canadian federation: sad colonial legacy
John A Racist. Macdonald. In keeping constant reductions in the budgets allocated by
various levels of government, workers of GIAP, like other, had
make difficult choices: « in a context where we struggle to maintain our regular services, we
lacked resources to organize the festival. "At the municipal, l & rsquo added; insult to & rsquo; injury by
investing tens of millions of dollars in frivolities such as e formula and & rsquo; d & rsquo illumination; a
bridge rusty bones. We feel that despite its fine words, Mayor does not care much Coderre impacts
the population of its financial choices worthy & rsquo; a king child in a Toys-R-Us for billionaire… It is
Therefore, the 21st edition of FER will not take place in 2017.

The ERF is a tradition, a place of joy but also exchange: one of the few public spaces
where street can feel included and not hunted by looking security guards
strong emotions. Moreover, this situation is increasingly felt in the lower city with
various projects of '' revitalization '' of public spaces such as the mega project of '' Jardins Gamelins '' which was used to set up a system of social apartheid by forcibly removing access to Place Émilie-Gamelin from homeless people who have always stayed there.

So that's why we took the street, for those who live there, work there and it was heart.
This is also why we believe that as members of the IWW-SITT we must build bridges
strong with all those who struggle daily to ensure the health and safety of
population stigmatized by capitalist governments, bankers, the bosses and the rich
owners. Together we cry: We do not s'laissera!