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Demonstration for trade union freedoms in Berlin

Image of the FAU demonstration 
*Demonstration for trade union rights in the award of 
Festival international du film de Berlin *

The 20 February 2010, 600 people marched through Berlin to support the
union freedoms in Germany. FAU Berlin called for demonstration
in response to a decision by a Berlin court which prohibits them from
appoint union.

This decision is the culmination of a conflict one year on conditions
Babylon Mitte cinema work, hosting the festival. 

Members of various social movements, ranging from antifascists
unionists left, were attached to manifestation. In his
address, Renate Hürtgen, committee for civil liberties, asserted
More than half of unions other European countries are
prohibited if German laws applied to them.

« Il s'agit d'une attaque au droit d'association et concerne tous les travailleurs 
et toutes les travailleuses. Nous sommes heureux que le débat qui entoure 
le droit de former des syndicats atteigne un public plus vaste. Ce n'est que le 
début d'une lutte pour les droits syndicaux fondamentaux et nous la mènerons 
jusqu'au bout, » a dit Lars Röhm, secrétaire de la FAU Berlin.

FAU Berlin (Notre traduction. L'original suit)


*Demonstration for Union Liberties Accompanies 
Berlinale Award Ceremony* 

On February 20, 2010, 600 people marched through Berlin for more union 
liberties in Germany. The FAU Berlin had called for the protest because a 
Berlin court barred them from refering to themselves as a union. 

This resulted from a year-long conflict about working conditions a the 
Babylon Mitte Cinema, which is one of the Berlinale's venues. 

Members of different social movements joined the protest, such as 
antifascists and left-wing unionist. In her speech, Dr. Renate Hürtgen 
from the Commitee for Union Liberties said that more than half of the 
unions in other European countries would be prohibited if German laws 
would apply to them. 

"This is an attack on the workers' freedom of association and pertains to 
all workers. We're happy that the debate about the right to form unions in 
Germany has reached a wider audience. This is only the beginning of a 
struggle that concerns the basic principles of labour law here and which 
we will fight to the end," says Lars Röhm, secretary of the FAU Berlin. 

FAU Berlin
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