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Do not be a fool coping with bad ideas

John O'Reilly - Thoughts on the Struggle, published on 20 July 2011 (special thanks to A. Vargas for the ideas and suggestions, Nate Hawthorne and the writing group of Wobs) In an ideal world, any ideas about organization would be appropriate, but it's not the case. Sometimes people with very […]

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Near a thousand protesters for the International Workers Day

  For May Day 2017, while the unions sent their permanent es-es and employee distribute leaflets, the IWW as well as numerous groups mobilized for a day of struggle, of working class solidarity and combative unionism. In the program; office occupancy placement agencies, popular meals and demonstration area […]

Why I manifest May 1?

Alain, retired Canada Post worker, former leader of the Union of Workers and Workers Post (sttp) and members of the IWW-SITT Montreal explains the reasons that lead him to protest next Monday for the international day of workers. Every day he comes out of things, files, which are an insult to the […]

Let's get to work !

This text is a partial translation of the text "Let's get to work" published on Jacobin by lefellow worker IWW New York, Erik Forman. Although it focuses on the labor movement in the US, it contains many lessons for the organization left by. The "Salting" created the first US labor movement; Could the […]

Employment agencies, cheap labor and misery.

As part of the event organized by the Association of Workers of placement agencies (ATTAP), an IWW member of Montreal spoke, here's what he had to say. Hello everyone, I am a member of the Industrial Workers Union and Workers, the IWW Montreal. We are here today in solidarity […]